Nissan meet the machines 2016

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nissan meet the machines 2016

Nissan - "Meet The Machines" - Director's Cut . STORIES®, LLC. All Rights Reserved. STORIES® is a registered trademark in U.S. and other. And that is very exciting, considering the legendary off-road pedigree of the Patrol nameplate. The Nissan Patrol(in colour Black, as. New & used Nissan Car News: Independent reviews from CAR experts, see latest Meet the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC . Gavin Green: at the Paris motor show Sentient machines on the streets of California – Nissan makes James.

Coordinate Measuring Machines at Nissan - API Sensor

It is a perfect substitution for the inefficient traditional checking tools, such as the parallel box. The Galaxy Series machines can rapidly finish the measurement and marking of every big or small component, regardless of its complexity.

nissan meet the machines 2016

This makes it especially suitable for use in automotive manufacturing factories. The Galaxy-H machines were installed in the Aguascalientes plant just a week before the first car body was scheduled to roll off the assembly line. Nissan engineers needed the Galaxy-H to do a final exam of the car body just as it was complete.

For some manufacturers, this deadline would be worrisome; the installation of measurement systems or quality inspection equipment can takes an extended period of time for calibration and accuracy checks.

nissan meet the machines 2016

The calibration process alone includes the general adjustment, calibration, re-calibration, fine-tuning, and repeatability test, among other tasks. On the other, a fleet of low-lying robotic trucks scoot around the shop floor, restocking restyled workstations.

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In these small cells, a single employee helped by a robotic workbench assembles a virtually complete drive system that will be used to power the production of everything from cars to cola.

Elsewhere, a robotic arm called Carmen helps workers load machines or pick components out of bins.

nissan meet the machines 2016

Here, the light is brighter, and the workers say they are happier. I only did one part of the process in the old line.

nissan meet the machines 2016

In this series, the FT meets the robots and talks to people already living and working with them to find out if they will be good or bad for humanity ————————- Mr Heidemann is one of a new breed of industrial employees, learning to work side by side with the latest generation of robotic systems.

Traditionally, industrial robots have been locked behind cages, their heavy bulk and rapid movements making them unsafe for human interaction.

When you're driving Godzilla, there is only one place to go

They have required highly trained programmers to set their tasks and, once installed, were rarely moved. A GT-R engine takes about eight-and-half hours to be ready and each one of these machines takes the name of the maker: Takechi is not yet a Takumi — she is an associate — but is on track to become one.

She is the first woman who has cleared seven levels of tough tests to qualify to be one of the master craftspeople, a position that commands great honour at the company. At 28, Takechi is the youngest to reach that level — the average age of an associate master is years.

nissan meet the machines 2016

There has already been an improvement in the ratio in recent years. Women accounted for But in Japan, the percentage was lower at 8. In fact, the auto industry is predominantly male-dominated, even as companies like Nissan and alliance partner Renault try to improve the ratio at their ends.