Pleased to meet you beatles lyrics across the universe

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pleased to meet you beatles lyrics across the universe

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see". Across The Universe Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns .. Baby You're a Rich Man-"Tuned to a natural E/ Happy to be that. Words are flowing out like. Endless rain into a paper cup. They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow waves of joy. Are drifting. I was lying next to my first wife in bed, you know, and I was irritated. Lennon initially wanted Across The Universe to be released as a single while The Beatles .

Reply scott Wednesday 21 October The song is splendid, but what an incredible mess the Spector version! He turned this etheral, subtle, delicate, so musical harmony into a heavy screamed anthum.

Only the Past Masters World Wildlife Fund version is worse — no wonder John hated it… Thank goodness, the Anthology has a decent interpretion, you can relly listen to this song. Thank you, sir Paul! Ivan Eastwood Friday 20 June To be fair, John would often frequently disagree with himself, then agree again, then come up with another option.

For John to be dissatisfied with the results, no matter which version, was characteristic. I had it at one point, but I was young and thought that was the only version of that song. What did he mean by this?? I know what it means to me, but what was he saying there?

pleased to meet you beatles lyrics across the universe

Lane Tuesday 5 September Hi, Grace. I found this via good ole Google: General Comment This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. From a website called song meanings. There are many subjective interpretations offered there.

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But to me, the one quoted above seems to capture what I see as his meaning. Although only released in stereo at the time, the song had been mixed in mono on the day recording was completed.

This mix had sound effects added to the beginning and end of the song in January, and was intended to accompany the four Yellow Submarine songs on the projected EP mentioned earlier. But this is the official word. The lead vocal,the tambura, the acoustic and electric guitar are the same on all versions. The tempo is speeded up one semitone in the WWF and Past Master mix but speeded down again in the Spector over produced version from Let it be, Spector omitted George, Pauls and the girls backing vocals and added all the other stuff.

"Across The Universe" lyrics

Only the Antology version is a completely different take, probably recorded before the other one. I like how he describes "pools of sorrow" compared to "waves of joy", as if it indicate the stagnant, lingering, and accumulating aspects of sorrow, versus the transient, fleeting, recurring nature of joyful experience.

That's strange to me. Next time I should read ahead, yes?

pleased to meet you beatles lyrics across the universe

But this whole forum is like looking at puzzle pieces isn't it? Apart from your comments of 'the lack of impotence' - I understand what you are saying, which I think you mean 'the lack which impotence portrays'. However the ethereal mood in which Lennon writes is all there to see and hear, 'Jai Guru Deva. Basically he is in a chilled out mentality in which he feels everybody should participate in.

In an idealistic world it would be really beautiful, but we do not all have the wealth that he now found himself with.

Across The Universe – The Beatles Bible

The wealth to leave his first wife and then to get involved into an ethereal relationship with the Yoko Ono. As much as that subsequent life enabled John to express himself much further than before in his life - and produce such beautiful poetry as within the lyrics for this song - it all began to prove to really be becoming a non realistic world for the average person.

Quite why a warped person chose to end his life is a mystery to me, as John would have ended frustrated by the fact that his ideals had never impacted on others - as beautiful as they might have been.

For me, it is headphones on in a darkened room listening to the track and dreaming of a future I would love to see! When our mind is open its as big as the universe.