The five doctors meet up

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the five doctors meet up

The Five Doctors is a special feature-length episode of the British science fiction television The entity's attempt to grab the Fourth Doctor and Romana ends up trapping the two in the time vortex. . Instead of meeting phantoms of Jamie and Zoe, the Second Doctor and the Brigadier were originally scripted to meet Zoe and. Hey MSTies,It's the union of two of fandom's greatest sci-fi franchises with this live Rifftrax of 's Doctor Who: The Five Doctors!Someone is taking the. The Five Doctors features five former companions in featured roles, four in and abseiling for no apparent reason into a tower more than makes up for it. . with the fact that she was meeting future versions of her grandfather.

The more references there were to the past lives of the Doctor, the more opportunities there were to get it wrong. More recently, episodes such as School Reunion and the many season finales of New Who have worked quite hard to cement a new mythology, bringing back beloved characters again and again for hero moments and dramatic ensembles, something which has caused much squee and much eyerolling among fans.

The Women of The Five Doctors

Just like in the good old days. But the stories which were most effective in defining and redefining the mythology of the show were the first two multiple Doctor stories, The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors This meant unfortunately that, regardless of any Target novelisations one might or might not have read, many of us ended up with a vague feeling that the First Doctor was a sickly, slighly cranky advisor floating in a scanner window, and the Second Doctor was basically a sidekick with a recorder.

the five doctors meet up

Far more dramatically, The Five Doctors still just before the period when it was common to record, rewatch and purchase or hire old shows was a major event story which not only served to redefine the characters of many previous Doctors, but also many of the companions. I could talk at length about the returning Doctors and how their characters come across in this story and whether or not they are served well including the First Doctor now played by a different actor in a white wig or are written as parodies of their former selves, but for the purposes of my own take on the Women in SF week, I want to discuss instead how the female companions are served by this story.

Of those ten characters, four are male, though only two — the Brigadier and Turlough — have more than a cameo.

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The Brigadier had already returned after a long absence earlier the same year, in Mawdryn Undead — here, he appears to be about to retire from UNIT which suggests the story is set before MU, though he later recognises Tegan which suggests not. That leaves us with Sarah, Susan and Tegan. We get to see a glimpse of her home before she is nabbed by the scary black triangle. She gets plenty of peril and adventure; even if that peril does include falling down a very mild slope, facing the Raston Warrior Robot and abseiling for no apparent reason into a tower more than makes up for it.

She is reunited with the Third Doctor, her first, and has a jolly adventure. In particular, in an attempt to make a parallel to Rose, it implied two things: This was rage-inducing for many reasons — retconning the wrong emotional relationship into her past, but also making it seem like a life without a husband and children was somehow emptier than her actually quite awesome life of being a reporter, solving mysteries and saving aliens.

In the Five Doctors, apart from the godawful outfit they made her wear, which has none of the feisty Sarah Jane style of her companion years and actually was considered awful in too Elisabeth Sladen makes that very clear on her commentary we see for the most part a Sarah who is true to the character she was ten years earlier. K9 warns her not to. He senses there is danger and it somehow involves the Doctor. He suggests she take him with her.

Unfortunately, her car is out of action and she has to take the bus. Believing K9 is overreacting, she dismisses his worry and heads off. They are Time Scooped by the Player as well. However, to the growing anger of whoever is taking the Doctor's incarnations out of time, he cannot take the Fourth Doctor and Romana from the wall alcove as figures.

They have been trapped in a time eddy in the time vortex and do not rematerialise. The Player angrily slams a black-gloved fist onto the control panel. Waiting at the bus stop, Sarah is snatched by the Time Scoop, and her figurine placed in the diorama alongside the Third Doctor. He begins fading into the Time Stream, but Tegan and Turlough keep him in existence by encouraging him. Model figurines of the Doctors and their companions in the Time Scoop's diorama. All the Doctors and their companions, save the Fourth Doctor and Romana, have actually been deposited on a desolate, rocky landscape — the Death Zone on Gallifrey.

Figures of the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough have been placed on the diorama section next to the First Doctor — the spot where the Fourth Doctor and Romana should have gone is flashing. They explain that the Eye of Harmony is being drained by whoever is taking the Doctors out of timeendangering all of Gallifrey. Offered a pardon and a new cycle of regenerations if he rescues the Doctors, the Master accepts.

the five doctors meet up

He is given a copy of the Seal of the High Council by the Castellan to prove his credentials and a transmat recall device.

He is transmatted to the Death Zone. In the Zone, the Doctors face many dangers.

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The First Doctor finds himself in a hall of mirrors and is reunited with his granddaughter, Susan. Their reunion is cut short when a Dalek arrives and tries to kill them. They trick the Dalek into destroying itself by pushing it into a dead end, where its energy weapon ricochets and destroys it; as the Doctor points out, "It's very dangerous to fire energy weapons in an enclosed space!

Borusa uses the Coronet of Rassilon to compel the Doctor to his bidding. As Borusa expected the other three Doctors and their companions have made it to the Tomb. They ponder the meaning of writing on the tomb: The Master arrives but the Doctors' companions constrain him. Borusa uses the Coronet to prevent the Doctors or his companions from interfering while he speaks to Rassilon.

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An image of Rassilon appears above the tomb and offers Borusa his ring as the key to immortality. The other Doctors try to stop Borusa, but the First Doctor tells them to hold off. Borusa dons the ring, but then shortly disappears, becoming living stone that is part of Rassilon's tomb. The First Doctor realised what fate that the tomb's writing foretold. In exchange for help, Rassilon frees the Fourth Doctor and Romana from the time vortex, and returns the Master to his own time; the Doctors refuse his offer for immortality.

The other Doctors assemble their respective companions and return to their time streams as well, leaving the Fifth Doctor with Tegan and Turlough. Flavia arrives via transmat, and after learning of Borusa's fate, declares that the Doctor is now President, a position he cannot refuse.

The Doctor tells Flavia to return to the Citadel as he will follow shortly, then quickly departs with his companions, as he has no intention of returning to Gallifrey anytime soon. Production[ edit ] The working title for this story was The Six Doctors. However, Holmes dropped out at an early stage and another former script editor, Terrance Dicks, was brought in instead. Some elements of this plotline would be reused in Holmes' own The Two Doctors The programme is officially a co-production with the Australian Broadcasting Corporationalthough the production team were not aware of this during production and the agreement in effect amounted to little more than a pre-production purchase pact.

Nathan-Turner's first choice of director for the story was Waris Husseinwho had directed the first ever Doctor Who serial, An Unearthly Childin