Watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones DVD

watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

Penny Singleton, Jean Vander Pyl. Elroy Jetson invents a time machine that takes his family back to prehistoric times, where they meet the Flintstone family. George Jetson: [Watching Dino and Astro interfering in pig catching contest] Astro Watch out! Fred Flintstone: No Dino No. Start your free trial. Clear your history. Watch full movie and download The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones online on KissCartoon. Watch The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones free without downloading. Jetsons Meet the Flintstones - Elroy Jetson and his space-age family travel back to Bedrock, home of the Flintstones, in his school science project time machine. FOOTER_COPY. Boomerang web service ( is certified by the kidSAFE Seal ○Full-length movies; ○Ad-free, on many devices. Loading.

watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

George and Fred use future technology to help Slate win several games, but in the last event, Astro and Dino's actions causes Tarpit to become the winner. In the end, Slate refuses to trust Fred and Barney again. Spacely continues to vent over his failing business, Henry Orbit and Rosie the Robot Maid assemble a 'time machine retriever' to bring the Jetsons back. But when they turn it on, the time machine returns with the Flintstones instead.

Upon seeing they really are cavemenSpacely introduces them to the press.

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Stuck in the past, George asks Mr. Slate for a job. Slate initially rejects, but when Tarpit offers George work, Slate immediately makes George his partner, and George soon becomes famous. Using their newfound fame and riches, the Jetsons buy multiple local businesses and are soon overwhelmed.

watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

Spacely makes Fred the spokesman for his company, but R. When Spacely is introducing Fred to some important investors, Cogswell introduces Barney instead, leading to a rift in Fred and Barney's friendship.

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Meanwhile, Rosie requests R. They fix the time machine and Rosie is transported to the Stone Age where she finds her family. Now able to return home the Jetsons leave, taking Fred's car with them, after Judy says goodbye to a teen idol - Iggy. Spacely concocts a plan to use Fred's car as a model for futuristic replicas, Cogswell sends his robotic dog Sentro to steal this information, but the two families manage to stop him.

Spacely's business of selling Stone Age style cars becomes successful.

watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

Fred and Barney repair their friendship, and George offers his partnership with Mr. Slate to give them their jobs back.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (VHS)

Just as they are about to leave for home, Elroy tells them the time machine is broken and cannot be repaired. Fortunately, they're able to return to the Stone Age because Fred's car absorbed the time machine's "quadrapotents". And the Changes to Come by Arnold B.

Barach, which featured a man flying a jetpack and L. Take a look at some more pictures from inside the book. It was the first color show broadcast on ABC. Of course, most viewers in could not watch the Jetsons in its full glory. The number of color televisions sold in the U. It lasted just one season. As hard as it is to believe, The Jetsons only originally ran for 24 episodes, from — If you grew up watching reruns over the next couple decades, you were seeing the same stuff recycled again and again.

The cartoon was revived for 51 more episodes in Astro has the same voice as Scooby-Doo. You are excused if you ever confused the two toons in your mind. Don Messick provided the voice to both cartoon Great Danes.

watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

It was on The Jetsons that Messick rerfected ris roice rith rall the Rs. Scooby would not come along until The voice of Jane Jetson was famous for playing another cartoon icon. Penny Singleton provided the voice of Jetsons mom Jane. The actress would have been quite familiar to older viewers, and aficionados of comic characters. Between andSingleton brought the daily comic strip character Blondie Bumstead to life in 28!

watch the jetsons meet flintstones for free

George and Jane originally had different voices. However, George and Jane Jetson were set to have different actors. It was rumored that TV sponsors had a say in the decision. The robot maid's name is spelled two different ways. How do you spell the name of the family's robot maid? If you said either "Rosey" and "Rosie" you're correct. Bass sang "Eep, Opp, Ork. She enters and wins a contest to pen a song for the guitar twanger.