All 11 doctors meet up

all 11 doctors meet up

"The Day of the Doctor" is a special episode of the British science fiction television programme Unfortunately the time distortions incurred causes all but his latest The episode starred Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Jenna Coleman as . When the TARDIS is picked up by UNIT, the call sign used by the helicopter. This meetup group originally started for fans of the BBC science fiction. 11/14 Afterwork w/the Doctors! Networking Meet him, Dr Claudia Johnson MD, Solomon Liburd MD and several other African-American doctors. Network The doctors are all very pleasant, friendly and professional. Thanks.

To counter extreme trauma, such as exposure to the poisonous fungus in The Seeds of Death and after being shot in Spearhead from Spacethe Doctor can go into a self-induced coma until they recover.

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The Doctor's hypersensitive body and senses enable them to detect anomalies humans cannot, such as identifying alien species, blood type or chemical composition by taste and determining location or time period by sniffing the air.

In " The Unicorn and the Wasp " he was able to sense the changes in his body's enzymes i. The Doctor has shown a resistance to temporal effects and has demonstrated telepathic ability, both the ability to mentally connect to other incarnations of themselves they have encountered The Five Doctorsand an ability to enter into the memories of other individuals " The Girl in the Fireplace ".

The Doctor can apparently reverse this process, sharing their memory with another, as shown in " The Big Bang ". Some humans can enter the Doctor's memories after the Doctor enters theirs, as demonstrated by Madame de Pompadour much to the Doctor's surprise in "The Girl in the Fireplace", when she explains, "A door, once opened, may be stepped through in either direction.

However, in " Kill the Moon ", the Twelfth Doctor claims that there are "grey areas", points in time for which he cannot see the outcome.

Like many other alien species in the programme, the Doctor is able to sense when their own species is within proximity through an inherent telepathic connection. The Doctor exhibits some weaknesses uncommon to humans. For example, according to The Mind of Evila tablet of aspirin could kill him.

all 11 doctors meet up

In " Cold Blood ", a process meant to decontaminate him of bacteria from the surface of Earth causes him intense pain, and he says it could have killed him if allowed to proceed to completion. In the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Adventuress of Henrietta Streetthe Doctor's second heart was surgically removed, resulting in the loss of his abilities to metabolise drugs and go without air; these are restored when he begins to grow a new heart after his old one 'dies' Camera Obscura.

In his final serialthe Second Doctor states that Time Lords can live forever, "barring accidents. It is stated in The Deadly Assassin that Time Lords can only regenerate a total of twelve times, giving a theoretical final total of thirteen incarnations.

It is possible to exceed this limit: Regeneration is apparently optional, as in " Last of the Time Lords " the Master refuses to regenerate despite the Tenth Doctor's pleading. In addition, there are ways of killing a Time Lord that do not permit regeneration; for example, more than once it has been implied that stopping both the Doctor's hearts simultaneously would accomplish this as demonstrated in the Eleventh Doctor story " The Impossible Astronaut ".

The Chancellery Guard Gallifrey's equivalent of a police force are armed with stasers, weapons capable of suppressing regeneration. In Death of the Doctora serial from spin-off programme The Sarah Jane Adventuresthe Eleventh Doctor flippantly responds to a child that he can regenerate "" times; writer Russell T. Davies intended this line as a joke. The Time Lords used a crack in the universe to give him a new cycle consisting of an unknown number of regenerations in " The Time of the Doctor ", triggering the regeneration into the current Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi.

The Twelfth Doctor later claims to be uncertain he "won't keep regenerating forever" "Kill the Moon"and even Rassilon, the president of the Time Lords, expresses uncertainty about how many regenerations the Doctor has available to him. Other skills include his mental communication with other Time Lords, in some cases over a galaxy's distance. His skill with hypnosis requires only a glance into the eyes to put the subject under a trance.

The Doctor can read an entire book cover to cover in a second by thumb-flipping the pages before his eyes City of Death" Rose ", " The Time of Angels ". Though medical skills he shows early in the programme are rudimentary, by Remembrance of the Daleks he can perform sophisticated medical diagnoses merely by touching someone's ear. He is an excellent cricket player Black Orchid and in " The Lodger " he proves to be a prodigiously talented footballer despite unfamiliarity with some of the game's basic rules.

Though reluctant to engage in combat against living opponents, this is not for lack of skill; the Doctor is conversant with both real and fictitious styles of unarmed combat most obviously the "Venusian Aki-Do" practised by the Third Doctorhas won several sword fights against skilled opponents, and is able to make extremely difficult shots with firearms and, in The Face of Evilwith a crossbow. Thanks to exposure to many of history's greatest experts, including those from the future, the Doctor is a talented boxer, musician, organist, scientist and singer able to shatter windows with his voiceand has a PhD in cheesemaking " The God Complex ".

Name[ edit ] In the first episode, Barbara addresses the Doctor as "Doctor Foreman", as this is the surname the Doctor's granddaughter Susan goes by, and the junkyard in which they find him bears the sign "I. When addressed by Ian with this name, the Doctor responds, "Eh? What's he talking about?

In " The Name of the Doctor ", the Doctor's real name was revealed to be the password used to enter the Doctor's tomb following his death on the planet Trenzalore. The story arc was resolved in " The Time of the Doctor ", wherein it was revealed to be projected by the Time Lords across all of time and space through a "crack in the skin of the universe" as a means of contacting the Doctor and seeing whether it was safe to leave the parallel universe in which their planet, Gallifreyhad been left following the events of " The Day of the Doctor ".

This arc was penned by Steven Moffatwho has been exploring the significance of the Doctor's name in his episodes since 's " The Girl in the Fireplace ", in which historical figure Madame de Pompadour reads the Doctor's mind and remarks, "Doctor who? It's more than just a secret, isn't it?

The mid-series finale " A Good Man Goes to War ", also written by Moffat, suggested through the character of River Song that the Doctor's travels had influenced the etymology of the word "doctor", perverting its meaning on some worlds from "wise man" or "healer" to "great warrior".

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In The End of Time — it is mentioned that after he smote a demon in the 13th century, the residents of a convent called the Doctor the "sainted physician". If we take "The Doctor" to be the Doctor's name — even if it is in the form of a title no doubt meaning something deep and Gallifreyan — perhaps our earthly use of the word "doctor" meaning healer or wise man is direct result of the Doctor's multiple interventions in our history as a healer and wise man.

all 11 doctors meet up

In other words, we got it from him. This is a very silly idea and I'm consequently rather proud of it. The anonymity of the Doctor is the theme of series 7 of the revived programme. After faking his death, the Doctor erases himself from the various databases of the universe.

In " Asylum of the Daleks ", a "time splinter" of future companion Clara Oswald using the name Oswin wipes all knowledge of the Doctor from the Daleks' collective memory.

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The Doctor is not present on Solomon the trader's database in " Dinosaurs on a Spaceship " and holds a conversation about his newfound anonymity in " The Angels Take Manhattan " with River Song.

In " Nightmare in Silver ", the collective consciousness of the Cybermen informs the Doctor that he could be reconstructed from the "hole" — the missing records — that he has left behind, a mistake which the Doctor intends to rectify. Few individuals are said to know the Doctor's true name. The events of " The Time of the Doctor " make it clear that his people, the Time Lords, know his true name, despite referring to him by his chosen alias as "the Doctor", even in formal settings such as court.

all 11 doctors meet up

For example, in The Gunfighters the Doctor assumes the name of Doctor Caligari [26] and subsequently responds to the question "Doctor who? Question marks adorning his costuming in the s seem to imply the "Who" moniker. The Third Doctor later drove an outlandish vehicle called the " Whomobile " in publicity materials, but it is never referred to as such in the programme, being simply known as "the Doctor's car" or "my car", as the Doctor puts it.

The name "Doctor Who" is used in the title of the serial Doctor Who and the Siluriansbut this was a captioning error rather than an in-story mention. The only other time this occurs is in the title of episode five of The Chasewhich is titled "The Death of Doctor Who". In " World Enough and Time "the Doctor's old friend and archenemy the Master Michelle Gomez insists that the Doctor's real name is in fact Doctor Who, though he tries to reassure his companion that she is joking.

But I think we might be able to hear it, at a certain frequency. The War Doctor, convinced that detonating the Moment will save many more lives in the longer term, is returned to his time. The other two Doctors follow him with the intention of helping him detonate the Moment. When Clara Oswald insists they do not destroy their people, the Doctors devise an alternative solution. The Doctors, aided by ten of their other incarnations, plan to use the stasis technology to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe.

When Gallifrey disappears, the surrounding Dalek warships would obliterate themselves in the inevitable crossfire.

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My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone's. It's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I'm going. Where I've always been going. Home, the long way round. The War and Tenth Doctors realise they will not remember what happened; they will continue shouldering the guilt. The War Doctor begins to regenerate after leaving.

Hinting that the plan worked, the gallery's curator reveals to the Eleventh Doctor that one of the three-dimensional paintings is called Gallifrey Falls No More. The Eleventh Doctor decides to find Gallifrey. Continuity[ edit ] As the show's 50th anniversary special, the episode contains a multitude of references to previous episodes. It opens with the title sequence and theme arrangement used at the series' debut in Echoing the opening of " An Unearthly Child ", the first episode of the first Doctor Who seriala policeman is shown walking past the sign for I.

Foreman, the scrap merchant in whose yard the TARDIS was located, and its first few seconds are in monochrome as had been the case in The Two Doctorsthe last time more than one Doctor had featured in an official story.