Boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

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boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

There's a complex and dysfunctional relationship at work, with Bart trying to The ending of “Boy Scoutz 'N the Hood” both fits their characters better and has. Trivia The title of this episode references the film, "Boyz n the Hood. At the end when Ernest Borgnine and the children are sitting around singing "Bingo" . Jun 30, The ending of the episode, in which Borgnine and the other campers are After that we get a protacted send-up of the Boy Scouts (as a scout myself, Finally, the episode morphs into a Homer/Bart relationship story, as.

Moleman turns and confronts Moe, drawing a large blade from his cane and saying, "That's not a knife, This is a knife!

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When the raft is adrift at sea and Homer says, "Water, water, everywhere, so let's all have a drink", he is misquoting a famous line from the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In the poem, the line reads, "Water, water every where, nor any drop to drink"; it is commonly quoted with modern phrasing as "Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink".

Trivia[ edit ] In the opening scene Bart and Milhouse are overheard by security guards saying they have ran out of money. It shows both guards using keys to activate a door. In reality two key systems have to have the keys far enough apart so that a single human cannot activate usually the nuclear ICBM Ms.

S05 E08 – Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood

A second later Homer then walks past the window. On his sash, Bart has badges for: Everyone in the arcade is queued up for the Terminator game.

boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

Bart practices his scouting skills by setting a pair of booby traps for Homer: The first trap is a snare trap in the kitchen. Bart puts a slice of pie out on the floor for bait. When Homer walks to the pie to eat it, he is caught by a rope and ends up dangling upside down by one ankle, forced to watch helplessly as Santa's Little Helper eats the pie.

The second is a pit trap in the driveway next to where Homer usually parks his car.

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Homer pulls into the driveway, stops, gets out of his car and falls right into the trap. They are saved, and Bart is proud of his father.

boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

Meanwhile, the other Junior Campers, led by Ernest Borgninetake the correct route, but they end up in a much worse position: At the camp, they start singing songs, but are soon attacked and seemingly killed by an unseen figure lurking in the woods strongly implied to be Jason Voorhees. Production[ edit ] Ernest Borgnine guest starred as himself in the episode.

The staff liked his work on the films Marty and From Here to Eternityso they asked him to do a guest appearance on the show.

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Borgnine felt he could not say no to the offer because his grandchildren were fans of the show. Borgnine was a guitar player in real life, so he brought his own guitar with him to the recording studio.

He's a good actor, and he read his lines just fine, but he had no idea what the show was, no idea what we were doing. She writes that the film had "changed [her] forever", and that it made her "realize that actors have the power through their work to inspire and enlighten others.

boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

Other games at the arcade include a game based on the film The Terminator. This is a knife! During a hallucination, Homer imagines himself singing the song " Sugar, Sugar " by The Archies while dancing with lollipops and ice cream cones.

boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

The episode was the highest-rated show on the Fox network that week. Seeing Ned Flanders get it wrong is great, but the show-stealer is a toss-up between Borgnine's great self-deprecating role, the ironic seagull, and the dolphins.

Add to that terrific rivalry moments between Bart and Homer and the show excels.

boy scoutz the hood ending a relationship

The writers cram the minute episode with allusions to movie genres including disaster moviesBroadway musicalsadventure-suspense and classic teen horror. He called the musical sequence a "classic".