Clara meet 2011 results physical therapy

clara meet 2011 results physical therapy

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It is a hetero - applied scale where the caregiver gives answers based on the patient behavior during the last two weeks previous the program. Hamilton scales for measuring anxiety and depression. These scales test the symptomatic profile as well as the seriousness of the anxious and depressive manifestation during last days. These instruments are hetero - applied. Working memory and processing speed indexes.

The respective sub-tests -appropriate for the aged they were diagnosed with dementia - of the intelligence scale WAIS III of Wechsler were applied [ 19 ]. This scale assess walking and equilibrium.

clara meet 2011 results physical therapy

A score of less than 10 in equilibrium items or less than 9 in walking items represents high risk of falling. Sit and Reach modified test. It measures flexibility in centimeters. It was published by Mahoney and Barthel in It is useful for testing daily life activities in patients who suffer neuro-muscular and muscle-skeletal disorders.

Lawton and Brody Scale. It is recommended for testing instrumental activities carried out by non institutionalized people. This Scale shows the capacity of functional autonomy.

This questionnaire was designed by the research staff and validated by experts.

Effects of Hatha-Yoga Program on a Small Group with Alzheimer' s Disease | OMICS International

Once they were contacted and informed about the research, they gave consent, which was signed by patients and caregivers. Consequently, the instruments were applied. The Hatha- Yoga program was designed by a yoga instructor based on the particular conditions of the population. It was composed by seven asanas, which were guided with short and repetitive directions.

These instructions were without an abstract concept or laterality reference. The program was applied during 14 weeks, 2 sessions per week with one hour duration each one. Each session contains warm up exercises, Hatha Yoga Asanas oriented to work on flexibility for example, tweezersbalance for example, treestrength for example, warriorrespiration cat-dog posture and pranayamacerebral oxygenation and venous return for example, simple variant of the wingand finally a relaxation stage.

The Yoga instructor, a doctor, a researcher and three assistants participated during the sessions.

clara meet 2011 results physical therapy

Measures of qualitative were taken, related to the process, home activities and changes reported by caregivers. At the end of the program, the same instruments were applied. Moreover, the signs coefficient of Wilcoxon was used. Table 1 shows the participants distribution according to the sociodemographic variables.

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Table 2 shows the variables performance before and after the program. Participants one, two and three preserved their scores in the work memory variable, the participants four, five and six, had a decrease in their scores and the last seven and eight improved their scores at the post-test.

Regarding the processing speed, participants, two, three, four, six, seven and eight, maintained the same score for the pre-test and the post-test, whilst the participants on and five, obtained a superior score at the post-test. In relation to the Anxiety Scale, it was found that participants one and five were placed in the mild anxiety range in both measurements, whilst participant eight obtained a moderate range. Participants two, three, six and seven went through a lower level to a higher level, whereas that, only participants four and five passed to a lower level.

clara meet 2011 results physical therapy

Concerning the Depression Scale, it was observed that all the participants maintained the same level of depression after the program; except from two participants four and six who change forma a moderate depression symptomatology to absence of depression symptoms.

On the other hand, the results showed an improvement in the quality of life of four participants one, four, six and seven.

One participant three presented the same scores in both measures and three two, five and eightreported a decreased. With reference to the physical variable flexibility and equilibriumthe results revealed an improvement in all participants, excepting participant eight. Basic functionality was the same for participants one, four, six and seven. Three participants two, three and five a mild difference was observed, however the level of dependence remained equal; only one participant 8 had a negative change.

Muscular Dystrophy Physical Therapy RESULTS

Similar results were revealed with regard instrumental functionality, participants two, three, four seven and eight, preserved the same scores, participants one and five. Participants one and five, remained in the semi-dependence level; and, participant six, went from moderate dependence to a semi-dependence level.

clara meet 2011 results physical therapy

Table 3 shows the results achieved through the non parametric test Wilcoxon. Besides, significance levels achieved for each variable between pre- test and post- test measurements are illustrated. It can be observed that equilibrium and flexibility were the variables that presented a significant change. Changes at physical, cognitive and emotional level were found Table 4. The most perceived psychological and cognitive functioning changes were related to the concentration capacity, socialization and a decreased in their level of stress.

Discussion The purpose of this research was to identify possible effects of a Hatha-Yoga program on physical, psychological and functionality in patients diagnosed with AD with a GDS of five.

People with moderate dementia, where the neurodegenerative process is not very advanced, maintained certain cerebral neuroplasticity, that can be stimulated by non pharmacological therapeutic programs, similar to the one proposed in the present paper, which mainly affect environmental factors [ 20 ]. The work focused on moderate dementia patients involves a challenge. Experience Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience and education.

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Effects of Hatha-Yoga Program on a Small Group with Alzheimer' s Disease

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