How did robbie williams meet his wife

Simon Cowell's girlfriend joins his ex to meet Robbie Williams' baby | Metro News

how did robbie williams meet his wife

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have welcomed a third baby via surrogate. Robbie said he never planned to get married or have children. How did Ayda Field meet Robbie Williams? They got engaged at Christmas in and were married at his Los Angeles home in Robbie Williams and Ayda Field recently welcomed their secret third joins his ex at lavish party to meet Robbie Williams and Ayda Field's.

We are over the moon to have this beautiful baby girl in our lives and so blessed that we live in a world which makes this possible. Robbie Williams delights fans with rare video of both children Within minutes of the post being shared, Ayda and Robbie received a huge number of congratulatory comments from their surprised fans. Congratulations to all of your beautiful family," another added.

Robbie Williams reveals Cameron Diaz 'saved' his marriage to Ayda Field

Robbie has previously said his daughter Teddy is destined for stardom Robbie and Ayda tied the knot inand have since gone on to welcome daughter Teddy, five, and son Charlton, three. See how Robbie Williams and Ayda Field celebrated their anniversary The pair celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in August with a trip to a luxury spa in Milton Keynes. Robbie, the handsome groom, was pictured keeping his bride warm with his jacket, while Ayda looked stunning holding her bouquet.

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The couple tied the knot in Los Angeles in The couple are currently both starring as judges on The X Factorso are sure to have their hands full over the next few months as they juggle work with spending time with their new bundle of joy.

But don't expect to see their baby girl on screen; the couple are both protective of their children's privacy, but sometimes share candid photographs of them on their social media accounts.

how did robbie williams meet his wife

Robbie Williams hints his children will appear on The X Factor Robbie has previously spoken out about their decision to do this while appearing on Loose Women, telling the panel: We're really proud and we want to share absolutely everything but there's a law in this country that they can't put pictures up of kids in the papers unless you're posting their faces.

Speaking on This Morning in June, Robbie confided: Then Ayda happened to me and all that changed.

how did robbie williams meet his wife

You tell God your plans and he laughs at them. Here I find myself being a father of two and being married to a wonderful woman. From the singer's spontaneous performance of Angels, which brought the guests to their feet for a mass singalong, to the couple's eight dogs as bridesmaids, the absence of a best man and the groom planning to swap the traditional wedding band for a ring tattoo.

how did robbie williams meet his wife

The depth of their feelings was clear for all to see as Robbie, who has famously battled drink and drug addictions, credited Ayda with turning his life around. When I walked down the aisle with our dogs and heard everyone cheering it made me so emotional I'm surprised I held it together. I'm the happiest man alive. They had been told they were attending a James Bond Casino Royale party in celebration of Robbie's 20 years in the business.

All the other stuff would make me cringe," said Robbie, who made his vows in a classic tuxedo and white bowtie from Spencer Hart on London's Savile Row.

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Robbie Williams reveals the very romantic way he proposed to wife Ayda Unable to decide on one theme for the food, the pair opted for three wedding meals, consisting of all their favourites: After dinner, the "entertainment tent" was revealed - a slick marquee with a Moroccan feel, bronze dance floor and more stunning flowers by Nancy Kane for Mark's Garden, and a sign that read: It's going to be really nice to call you my husband, and for me to be Mrs Williams officially.

When asked why they chose to have their wedding at home, Robbie replied: My idea was, 'Yeah, I love you, I'm yours for life, why don't we just pop to Las Vegas and make it official?

I thought, 'Baby, whatever you want to do. Then we thought of a surprise sleepover on a boat in Santa Monica, but people have children to think about.

how did robbie williams meet his wife

We feel safe in this house — plus we wanted the doggies to be here. So we thought doing it in our own home would make us more comfortable and relaxed.

Robbie Williams explains how Cameron Diaz 'saved' his marriage to wife Ayda Field

Find out which amazing hair products Ayda Field uses for X Factor However keeping their nuptials a secret from their loved ones has been difficult. But the element of surprise is so much fun.

But on this occasion I've pretty much managed it. I had to tell my dad because he had booked a holiday, and then he told my friend Johnny Wilkes and Johnny was like, 'Why didn't you tell me?

Inside the stunning wedding of Robbie Williams and Ayda Field - HELLO! Exclusive

Let's all just eat and then make each other laugh, that's how I want it to be. I was originally thinking little bow ties for them, but instead they're going to each have flower collars.

And Josie [Robbie's manager] is my maid of honour, because she's been by my side through everything.

how did robbie williams meet his wife

So I got a pack of cards and put them in an envelope. We pull up to the gate, and the car stops and he tells me to get out of the car. He hands over a card to me, and inside it was a playing card, and written on it was 'Happy Christmas Mrs Williams.

I love you, Robert.