How to meet an imagineer

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how to meet an imagineer

You can meet imagineers in various ways if she decides to go to another school You can find tutorials of how to do these as well as other. Does anyone know the best way to contact an Imagineer directly by either . This is your number one way to get contacts and meet Imagineers. Tips for Dining with an Imagineer at Walt Disney World . An Accredited Financial Counselor by trade, she loves to find ways to save money so.

For dessert, we were brought a sampler with three different mini desserts, including the famous Grapefruit Cake. Coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic beverages are included with the meal. Our host on that day was Pam Rawlins, a creative producer who has worked for Disney for 22 years. She started in the college program, and fell in love with Disney. She came back after graduation to work as an hourly employee and ended up staying and moving to Guest Relations and eventually Imagineering at Animal Kingdom.

Most importantly for my daughter, a budding Imagineer in the making, she explained that there is no single career path, no one college major that leads to a career at Disney.

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The company promotes from within, but also does direct hires. And they are looking for all types of folks, from those with a degree in engineering to those in the arts to those with a background in communications which is what she herself has.

The topic of Hidden Mickeys came up and Pam was pretty dismissive of the phenomenon. The thing that Imagineers like to do instead, she says, is put in Easter Eggs, hidden insider references that are built into attractions in the parks.

Tips for booking Dining With an Imagineer Book online at days out. We were given nametags to identify us as part of the Dining with an Imagineer event. After attaching those to our shirts, we explored the lobby area of the Brown Derby. This was our first time there, so we were taking it all in.

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The decor is beautiful, with high ceilings, pictures of historic Hollywood all around, and the coziest chairs to relax in. Precisely at noon, our group was gathered and we headed to the Bamboo Room. If you have never been there, I cannot describe it better than….

how to meet an imagineer

The ceiling, walls, trim, and even the placemats on the table were all of bamboo design. It was sophisticated looking. I was impressed so far. We were seated at a long table, with the Imagineer taking the head chair. Promptly our designated waiter brought each of us our personalized menu, and took drink orders. As we looked over the menu, there were rolls and salted butter to help ourselves to.

The Imagineer welcomed us all and introduced himself. Flynn was intriguing and entertaining to listen to. In pure Disney professionalism, he kept the topics to what was relevant and did not venture into any talk of rumors or the like.

Flynn spoke pretty much non-stop throughout the meal and even gave us time to ask questions.

Contacting an Imagineer

We also had a choice of coffee, tea, or non-alcoholic beverage. After reading the description, I knew this was something my husband was not going to even try, let alone enjoy. Shockingly, he did try it and both of us agreed it was the best part of the meal. The soup was creamy and delicious. The flavors blended together perfectly. Cobb Salad The next course was the famous Cobb Salad.

I had heard many of my Disney friends rave about the salad at the Brown Derby. Most of them just go there to make it their entire meal. The salad is the signature item of the restaurant, and it was created at the original Hollywood Brown Derby. It is finely chopped greens, turkey breast, bacon, egg, tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese, avocado, and cob salad dressing. I think it was a texture issue for us.

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Everything was so finely chopped that neither of us were sure we were eating a salad. We had a choice of three offerings: My husband, the carnivore, chose the filet of beef, while I opted for the noodle bowl as I love Asian cuisine. The beef was very tender and savory.

how to meet an imagineer

Thai Noodle Bowl My noodle bowl was somewhat intimidating. The curry broth was a lot spicier than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed the chicken. The portion size was quite large, and I left most of it because my lips were on fire. Mini Dessert Trio Lastly came dessert, which was three mini desserts presented on one plate.

Being a huge fan of anything hazelnut, I dug right in to that first.