January 2013 calendar pdf mafca national meet

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january 2013 calendar pdf mafca national meet

United States January – Calendar with American holidays. Monthly calendar for the month January in year Calendars – online and print friendly – for. Mark your calendars for September; it's a busy month as shown below. ning on attending the MAFCA National Meet in Puyallup, WA, in July, I will have web site for the form. south-park-episodes.info%south-park-episodes.info Calendar. 16 . Jan, , Turlock Swap Meet, hosted by Modesto. Area A's (more July , MAFCA National Convention in Puyallup, . http:// south-park-episodes.info

Membership renewal and ballots are coming in. If you haven't already sent in your ballot, please do so as everyone's opinion counts. Ballots must be received by October 15 to be counted, and they will be counted on October We will post the results on the website as soon as they are available. It will be a great all day event with seminars, a swap meet, and of course Model A fellowship. Several hundred Model A's attend. The Board will be there and we look forward to seeing and talking with our members.

We are receiving a great response to the digital Restorer along with the hard copy. It seems many of you want the magazine with you and on your computer. We currently plan to keep issues on line for three years, so ultimately there will be 18 issues available for viewing. The number on line may change overtime. Christmas Cards are selling well and the pre-orders of the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards Revision 4 are coming in.

Delivery is currently planned for October. The Shop Drawings are also very popular. Our newest book, The Fashion Files is also available. We selected the very best and assembled them in a single volume — order soon. By the way guys, The Fashion Files makes a great Christmas present. This year seems to be flying by and the National Awards Banquet in Reno is only three months away.

Registrations are coming in for the event on December 5 thru 8. I urge you to attend, as the banquets are always fun and relaxing. Reno, Nevada has excellent weather this time of year. Reno is located just east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and offers spectacular views. Our website has more information and registration forms mafca. The entire Board of Directors is dedicated to our membership and providing the best possible service to our hobby.

Please contact us with your ideas, concerns, complaints, and praise. Hope to see you on the road soon. The weather has been pretty hot in many parts of the country, but I don't expect it slows us down too much.

Membership renewal notices go into the mail this month along with ballots for the election of your Board of Directors. There are five positions open this year and seven candidates, so your vote is very important.

You must return your ballot by October 15 to be counted, so return it early! Please return your renewal by December 31, to avoid the late fee. Revision 4 to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards will soon be available. You may begin pre-ordering with the information in the renewal notices. We are also pleased to offer a new Christmas Card for members featuring the artwork from the cover of The Restorer created by famed artist Norm Sears.

Order now, as the holidays will be here before you know it. They make great Christmas gifts, so plan ahead. The meeting will be at the Sheraton Four Point hotel and all are welcome. We all look forward to seeing members at Model A Day as well. It promises to be a fun filled event and I hope you will plan to attend. National Awards Banquets are relaxing opportunities to meet with fellow Model A'ers and enjoy a different part of the country without some of the pressures of larger events.

Reno usually enjoys great weather this time of year and backs up to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Take a look at our website for more information and registration forms. Please keep contacting the Board and sharing your ideas with us through emails and phone calls. Help us provide you the best possible service and planning for the future. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to talk with many members who shared their ideas on how to make our club better.

The topic of involving more young people in the hobby generated a lot of discussion and many ideas. Our Chapter Coordinator Trudy Vestal will be sharing them with chapters.

Among the ideas discussed were: Free admission to MAFCA activities for those under 17 — this means there would be no registration fee paid. Some chapters suggested they would even pay for the meals for those under Looking in your local area for automotive vocational programs and donating a vehicle for the youth to work on and learn. Starting youth chapters such as the one done at Pasadena HS — see last month's Restorer for details. There were many more ideas.

January 2013 calendar pdf mafca ford

We also talked about expanding our chapter membership. Encourage those who are not members to join and enjoy the benefits. Virtually every town in America has such events.

january 2013 calendar pdf mafca national meet

It is a good opportunity to meet fellow automobile enthusiasts, and talk about the Model A. When you see a Model A you don't recognize, seek out the owner, talk with them, and invite them to a chapter meeting. There are countless other ways you can promote the hobby.

We all just need to get proactive. You may have heard that the National Tour to the North West has been canceled. The truth is the Chapter that was planning on hosting it has regretfully withdrawn its support and the chairperson has resigned. There are however, three different groups who have stepped forward to lead a National Tour.

More information will be shared once some specifics are decided. We know that National Tours are one of the best things going for members where they get together, drive their cars with no meetings, etc. Just a fun time with fellow Model A'ers. We will have a National Tour on the West Coast. Next year, members will have an option to receive a digital copy of The Restorer as well as the hard copy magazine. We know there are many who would enjoy having The Restorer on their devices and will be able to respond to that need.

We hope to have additional digital options next year as well. The National Convention had over registrations; there were people from 38 states and 4 countries. Our international members added a lot of fun and humor. While we don't have an exact count, there were well over Model A's at the meet. The tours were wonderful, the food delicious, and the comradely outstanding.

Don't miss the next National Meet in in Reno, Nevada. Again special thanks to the Colorado Model A Club and all its members. It was a fun filled three days with vehicle and fashion judging, a grand tour, numerous seminars, and of course lots of wonderful Model A fellowship. The drive to the event was also fun — part of the joy of owning a Model A Ford is driving it.

The National Convention in Loveland, Colorado takes place in just a few weeks. There were registrations when I last looked. That means well over 1, attendees and around Model A Fords — maybe more. My wife and I are excited about driving our Model A 1, miles to the convention and of course I am servicing the little coupe for the trip.

january 2013 calendar pdf mafca national meet

I hope you join in the fun. Your Board of Directors meets in Loveland and we will finalize the budget along with other actions. All attendees are invited to attend and see your Board of Directors in action. I have mentioned before the budget is getting tighter and tighter. We changed the printer for The Restorer magazine which will both save money and allow us to provide more services to our membership in the future. The world of printed publications has changed dramatically in the last 10 years with costs actually going down thanks to new technology.

There is still room for additional candidates for the Board of Directors. The application deadline is June 15th so if you are thinking about running, get you application in now. MAFCA is an organization of volunteers. Just as you would not have a chapter if people were not willing to serve as officers and coordinators' of local activities the same goes for MAFCA.

Please consider joining the Board — it is fun and very rewarding. There is a short video showing you some of the highlights for this event. Take a minute to look at the video, then sign up.

This is a chance to see Reno, Nevada at an ideal time of year, great weather, low room rates, and another chance for Model A fellowship. This will be in conjunction with Model A day at the museum. It turns out several members of the Board will be there for activities at the museum, so it was more cost effective to hold the meeting there, rather than have everyone travel to MAFCA Headquarters in California.

Again, we are looking for ways to hold costs down. Model A day at the Gilmore will feature seminars, special exhibits, and of course a lot of Model A vehicles and friends. If you are in the area, plan to attend, September 16 and 17, Please keep contacting the Board with your emails and phone calls. We all enjoy talking with you and hearing your ideas and suggestions. Help us provide you the best possible service. Today, our chapter visited the last steam powered sawmill still cutting redwoods, the Sturgeon's Mill [it only runs twice a year and is a historical facility rather than a production one].

Just two weeks ago the Central California Regional Group hosted its annual Jamboree in Clovis, California with almost registrations.

Both enjoyed great weather and fun Model A driving. I know some of you are still experiencing some weather challenges, but you will soon be on the road. The budget is getting tighter each year as costs rise and income remains about the same. We looked at various cost cutting ideas with the goal of providing service to members at the same level.

I am optimistic we will continue to provide that level of service and even enhance it this next fiscal year. The National Convention in Loveland, Colorado, is just about upon us. It is not too late, but you must register soon to join in the fun. June 19th to 26th is only a month and a half away. The Board has approved four candidates for the upcoming election, but we still need more to have all positions filled for a real election.

Please consider joining the Board. I have been encouraged recently by several high schools around the country were groups of students are restoring Model A Fords. The Model A can teach young people the basics of automobile design and function and are fun to work on. You might look around your local area and see if you have a school interested in doing such a project! Our Constant Contact CC with chapter newsletter editors is proving successful.

We are receiving many positive comments from chapters. CC is an electronic mail that comes out every three to four weeks with the latest news about MAFCA and links to various resources to help editors put together newsletters.

It contains information on membership, national events, upcoming publications, and a host of other items of interest. The next meeting of the Board will take place in Loveland, Colorado as part of the National Convention.

We meet on Friday, June 24 and everyone is invited. We will be approving the budget among other items. If you have never been to Reno or Nevada this is an exceptional opportunity. The room rates at the Peppermill are very reasonable and the weather is usually very nice.

Chapter Activities

I enjoy talking to all of you. We are your Board and your ideas help us to provide the best possible service. You can reach me at president mafca. I recently injured my knee and it is taking a long time to heal now that I am older.

Well, I have been getting my Model A ready for tours, and keep discovering it is getting older in places too and needs more time to repair. As an example, one of my shock absorber balls required replacement as it had gotten out of round over its 85 years of traveling down the road.

As you are getting ready for tours, take the time to look all around your cars and see what may have worn out. Registrations for the National Convention in Loveland, Colorado, June 19th to 26th are pouring in with over already. The wichita as model a ford club encourages members to join both national marc and mafca clubs. How to restore your model a volume 1 mafca pdf results.

Multiplication table chart 1 pdf elcho multiplication table chart 1 pdf elcho multiplication table chart 1 pdf microfinanceindia org multiplication table chart 1 pdf elcho. To use pdf you must have adobe acrobat reader, which is. The 20 school calendar is available for download. Our organization holds six monthly events during the driving year and an annual tour. Volume 45, issue 1 meadowlark model a ford club, omaha, ne well, another february 20 special points of interest.

january 2013 calendar pdf mafca national meet

Model a ford club of america calendar entry request for mafca website and the restorer magazine. Mafca national service award 20 christmas banquet by herb. Mafca model a ford club of america model a restorers club.

Multiplication table 1 to pdf paper worksheets calendar. Page 2 20 activity schedule 20 activity schedule maps available on website. Meadowlark model a ford club chapter of mafca event calendar.

January Calendars for Word, Excel & PDF

Our pur pose is to help preserve the model a, which was in production by the ford motor company from Home about our club officers calendar event schedule members page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 new members remembering paul larquier photo gallery awards and installation banquet january I have been a member of the model a ford club of america since.

San francisco bay area chapter model a ford club of america preserving and restoring the model a ford since volume 57, issue 1 mafca certi. Prayer wikipedia, prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to. Santa clara valley chapter model a ford club of america.

Calendar 16 inside insights mafca certificate of merit. The focus of poco quatros is to bring together individuals who are interested in the model a ford. On november 14, 20, shell pipeline company lp shell filed a petition for. Santa anita as is a chartered member of the model a ford club of america mafca.

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Calendar for year united states time and date. A new applicant paying dues on or after november l of each year constitutes payment of the full dues for the ensuing calendar year. Please contact ron accornero if you need assistance in planning a tour.

The pennohio model a club is a social and driving club for model a owners and admirers. December 48 20 mafca national awards banquet, san antonio. Currently, we are eleven chapters strong encompassing ohio and western pennsylvania.