Meet buzz lightyear at disney world

Meet Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland | Walt Disney World Resort

meet buzz lightyear at disney world

Meet Buzz Lightyear & Woody. Is this your When you first enter Andy's backyard you can meet buzz light year. This attraction is at Walt Disney World. Updated December 6, Characters are a big part of the Disneyland experience! Princesses can be found at the Fantasy Faire Meet-n-Greet. . Buzz Lightyear can most often be found at Paradise Pier in California Adventure ( after 10am. Where To Meet Buzz Lightyear in Walt Disney World. By Kristin from Couponing to Disney. Share Share Tweet Share. unnamed Wondering where to meet.

Disney has split this viewing area into two sections. Once you enter the area, you are surrounded by The Little Mermaid. This character seems to spend more time with the children. With that being said, I normally recommend taking the chance.

The easiest way to find him is to look for his ride across from the PeopleMover. He will be located a few feet away from the exit of the ride. He is a great character interaction because he is huge and very animated. I feel like everywhere I turn Donald Duck is meeting guests these days.

There you will meet Chip and Dale. Their location is close to the Churro stand and near The Diamond Horseshoe. If you see a PhotoPass Photographer standing in this general area alone, you know the twins are coming soon.

Just wait a few moments and you might be able to meet them with no line. A personal favorite of mine and many. If you did, you missed the location that holds four out of the Fab Five characters.

We are talking the old school cool characters.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear and Woody at Hollywood Studios - Walt Disney World Vlog

They are separated on two sides of the tent. One line to meet the ladies and one line to meet the gentlemen. Numerous times I have seen this place with little to no wait.

meet buzz lightyear at disney world

If you are a true Disney fan, these four are like family to you. Oh my, you need to meet Mr. He is the funniest and most unique character interaction.

He is the Disney character you love to hate. Just look for the crowds of people laughing and you will find him.

Walt Disney World Character Meet-and-Greet Guide: The Magic Kingdom

This meet-and-greet is a full attraction. Another great two for one meet-and-greet.

meet buzz lightyear at disney world

Depending on the time of year, I have seen numerous families just walk up and get their photos taken. You have finally arrived home.

Tim Allen Meets Buzz Lightyear at Walt Disney World Resort

At the center of the Town Square is a flagpole. Under the flag, guests will be able to find numerous characters. Since these are the first characters most guests will see, the lines can be long. During the holidays, special characters can be found there like Mr. Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse are there all day long.

They are separate and the wait times are posted outside the building for both. Waits are also shorter at the very end of the night and you would ideally meet them during the first Fantasmic. Woody hosted a dance party along with Bullseye and Jessie.

Sofia the First — Purple Dress Priority: To the right of the entrance to Disney Jr.

Jessie Joins Buzz Lightyear and Woody as Toy Story Land Meet and Greet Characters - Blog Mickey

Live on Stage and directly across from Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Line winds around outside and uncovered to the right of her. Peak in the 30 to 40 minute range by 11am most days. Get in line by 9: Alternatively, get in line by 3: None at this time. Phineas and Ferb — Classic Outfits Priority: Hopefully you know where at least one of those arrows is pointing.

If you were to exit Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show and continue walking straight along the rightmost path through the Streets of America, you would arrive right here at Phineas and Ferb. From Toy Story Mania, you would take a right after exiting the attraction or a left while looking at the entrance and walk toward the Backlot area.

meet buzz lightyear at disney world

Hopefully that makes sense. Pardon the old map, but their location is circled above. Afternoon wait times are often in the 20 to 40 minute range. That show unleashes several hundred people on the area about three times per hour. Each time that happens, the wait is extended by five to fifteen minutes.

However, not a ton of people ordinarily enter the Phineas and Ferb line after exiting Muppet Vision. In the morning, that should give you enough time to ride Toy Story Midway Mania nd visit the Toy Story characters before heading over. Your second best choice is arriving before the characters appear at 3: Otherwise, I recommend visiting in the final hour that they appear. Most nights, you can arrive an hour before regular close to find much shorter lines than the afternoon.

Try to avoid 11am — 2: Mickey — Sorcerer Mickey Location: Sorcerer Mickey is located inside the Animation Building on the lower floor. This is the Animation Building, which is located straight back from the main entrance. For a full tour of the Animation Building, check this post: To get to Mickey, enter the gift shop on the right side and continue walking through.