Meet hue lighting video

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meet hue lighting video

Connect Philips Hue to Date & Time, hue, IFTTT, Email, Instagram, Space, Google Assistant, Amazon Whatever you want to do with your lighting, Hue can . Your lights will adapt to the content on the screen, creating an impressive viewing Please use the recent Chrome or Opera for Android to play the video. in lighting, today announces the global launch of Philips Hue Sync, synchronize your Philips Hue lights with games, videos and music.

Also in the range: They're all white lighting, no colours, with chrome metal finishes and IP44 water resistance. The app is obviously your best bet more on that next but there are physical controllers too.

Working off kinetic energy — no batteries required — the Tap switch lets you choose your four favourite scenes anywhere, at the touch of a button. You can stick it on a wall or use it as a remote control.

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The app Earlier on we mentioned that the Hue Hub is the brains of the operation, firing out the signals to all the connected bulbs. Signify is continually updating the app with new features.

meet hue lighting video

Within the app you can group bulbs into rooms, create colour scenes, design routines, start timers, add security setups and a whole host more. Available on iOS and Android, there are also neat smartwatch equivalents for wrist-based controls. Basically, the app analyzes the content you're watching and will sync up your lights so that you can be surrounded with colour.

The effect is almost like the movie or TV show you're watching is trying to burst out of the TV.

meet hue lighting video

The feature is mostly limited now. The company is talking to streaming companies to make this more of a thing, as the light sequences run on scripts designed by Signify in advance.

Syncing with smart assistants Here's the thing: You don't need that app as much as you once did.

meet hue lighting video

This means not only voice controls for turning your lights on and off, but extra security measures like having all of your lights turn on if motion is detected by a certain camera, or having your lights all turn red if your Nest Protect detects Carbon Monoxide. DePauw's team showed off how it works with the popular first-person shooter Overwatch though we had to wait a bit first for an ill-timed game update to install. Thanks to the Razer partnership, the lighting effects are more focused and refined than the standard Hue Sync approach, with specific color schemes for each character and for the various weapons in the game.

Play as Lucio the healer, for instance, and you'll see green effects when you shoot your sonic amplifier's green ammo at enemies, yellow effects when you fire off a yellow healing beam at your allies. DePauw notes the strong overlap between gamers and color-changing light aficionados he calls them "RGB lovers"and claims that Razer was one of the partnerships people were clamoring for as soon as Hue Entertainment was first announced.

To that end, Razer seems like a sharp choice for partnership number one. After all, most hardcore gamers are used to saving up and splurging on their gaming rigs, and many of them like to show off their gear online.

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There's room for skepticism, though. Philips has been chasing the dream of syncing color-changing light with in-home entertainment for well over a decade Ambilightanyone? But if it's ever going to take off, now feels like as good a time as any, especially giving the soaring mainstream interest in smart home tech.

meet hue lighting video

Philips is bringing back the old-school, multi-device color selector for the third generation of its Android and iOS app. Philips Hue app 3. It'll also streamline the user experience, making it easier to find the color or setting you're looking for. Part of his job is to pore through user feedback and criticism, even and especially when the user base finds something to complain about.

How to install a Philips Hue starter kit with Jonathan Morrison

One of the big new things is an old thing: The multi-device color picker from the original Hue app. With it, you'll be able to drag little reticules around a color palette or drag them on top of each other to easily create groups.

I was more impressed by a new algorithm that lets you select colors using photographs.

Philips Hue super guide: How to set up and use your Hue lights

Before, you could tap a photo and the app would send the color of the pixel you happened to land on to your lights. Now, in a huge improvement, the app will scan your photo, filter out any useless colors that won't work well with your bulbs and create a brand new palette to play with based solely on the remaining shades.

meet hue lighting video

To get you started, the app includes over 30 new photo-based scenes in different categories such as "Citylights" and "Twilights," but you can also upload any photo you like. New outdoor Hue bulbs and fixtures are coming this summer. New outdoor bulbs and fixtures, coming this summer. The Hue team isn't sharing product specifics just yet, but the idea is to focus not just on entertainment, but on security, too.

That's not a bad pitch given that proper exterior lighting can help deter potential intruders from attempting a break-in -- still, I'll be curious to see how Hue ultimately makes the case for picking fancy, expensive smart lights over simple timed-lighting setups.