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While I think the medium nib on the Metropolitan is a fine nib, it doesn't was just a matter of shimmying it back into the other pen body to make the swap. . I picked up a Pilot Prera with a Calligrpahy Medium nib on Amazon and the nib . Costco box met with her approval · A truly vintage pocket notebook. The petite Pilot Prera has a clean and simple look. The pen feels very well made, is ergonomically lightweight, and the steel nib is delightfully thin enough that. A classic design meets a demonstrator body with a smooth nib in the Pilot Prera. A demonstrator barrel with a hint of black at each make the Prera stand out.

The Jinhao Fude, as well as other Jinhao models with a fude nib, are available online through eBay and possibly through other mega-sellers as well. The Sailor Fude is more widely available through online pen dealers as well as brick-and-mortar shops. Lucky me was gifted this Sailor by a wonderful pen friend at a pen meet.

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I am in his debt for this gesture as well as his encouragement to start this blog. I used a Rhodia soft cover lined A5 notebook for these writing samples. As you can see, the line width both nibs produce will differ a lot with the angle the pen is touching the paper. That not only goes for how you hold the pen, it also goes for the shape of the page. At the left of the page, where the paper tends to bulge a bit, your ink line will be wider because the paper embraces the nib and as such picks up a fat line of ink.

The more you hold the pen upright on flat paper, the thinner the ink line becomes because less of the bent surface touches the paper. The lower you hold the nib, the more surface touches the paper, the fatter the ink line. It is a fun tool!

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Unfortunately, I have no Asian calligraphy skills, so I kept it to my regular architect-ish print. How did these nibs perform? The Jinhao Fude The Jinhao is a big and heavy pen. It imitates the Montblanc and it is a show-off kind of pen. The body is metal, the standard nib size is a 6. Which means you can swap with other nibs, if you want to use this pen for more regular writing as well.

The pen usually comes with a standard international converter and takes standard cartridges as well. The standard Jinhao nibs are a bit of a gamble. You might get a decently functioning one or you might have to tweak it a bit. I have bought and used three Jinhao Fudes and all functioned rather decently.

The nice thing about Jinhao nibs — and that goes for the fudes as well — is that they have a decent amount of spring.

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Not flex, but a good deal of bounciness. So writing with the Jinhao Fude is nice, with a bit of spring for extra line width. This can result in railroading, as you can see in my writing sample.

The clip is moulded plastic arising for the tip of the cap, and although has a little spring to it, I fear is a prime candidate for snapping off. I suspect if you prefer parts not snapped off your pens it may be an issue. There is an absence of any taper to the grip section with a significant step down from the body itself, however the plastic construction inherently provides a certain softness to the feel in this particular part of the pen, and I found the step not sharp enough to bother.

Pilot branding and nib size are the only embellishment on an otherwise minimalist looking nib. For the price, this is a fantastic nib. Writing Performance What is there to say here really? The nib is as good as any Pilot nib in this price segment of the market read fantasticI have used of late, and perhaps even a little better than the fine nib on my Pilot Metropolitan 1which is not quite as smooth on paper with a little more tooth, such as the Baron Fig Confidant notebook.

Having just completed a 31 day journaling challenge to kick off the year, I found myself picking up the Petit1 on quite a number of occasions during January. It is indeed a joy to write with. Feedback from one of the Christmas gift recipients also indicated a preference for writing with the Petit1 over the Lamy Safari they already owned — another big rap for the nib.

As expected, there is minimal flex in the steel nib, and on smoother paper such as a Rhodia No. Regardless of storage often on its side in my pocketthe Petit1 started immediately every time, with a full flow of ink, and no skips. I plan to add a few to my next and probably each Jet Pens order for some time to come.