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supernatural wiki ghost facers meet

The whole Castiel meets the Ghostfacers episode filmed at Hell Hounds in York, England and featuring many Supernatural fans. Ghostfacers is a webseries spin-off of Supernatural featuring the Ghostfacer team the Ghostfacers meet Castiel, first shown during the Hell Hounds Con. The Ghostfacers, Harry and Ed, are sitting in a diner, and Harry is At a warehouse, the boys meet Deputy Norwood who then tasers them from.

He's gonna be fine.

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I just got punched right in the feels. Take off the mask. The second E is silent. And I invented you. The idea may have in turn been inspired by the German legend of the Tall Man.

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All right, shut up and listen. This is how it's gonna go. You two clowns are gonna get into that mystery machine outside, and you're gonna leave town or I'm gonna put holes in your knees.

Oh my god Menudo! Will you guys relax? We know what we're doing. Menudo was a successful Latino boy-band from the s. And what about the rest of the Bad News Bears, huh? Where's the -- where's the fat one? And -- and the girl?

supernatural wiki ghost facers meet

There was a girl, right? I've waited all my life for this.

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A reference to the online retailer Amazon. Fifty Shades of whey too much protein! A reference to the erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Yeah, because everything started on the internet is true. Like, uh, oh, the shark attacking a helicopter - they write the book on that one, too? A reference to Helicopter Sharkwhich was a widely circulated photo in which showed a great white shark leaping out of the water, attacking military personnel climbing into a helicopter.

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When we find Thinman, are they gonna be on Dr. We're gonna be on Dr. Sam is doing research in the library when Dean comes in and tells Sam that he will be back. When Sam questions him about his leaving, Dean says he found a case, but he wasn't going to take Sam because he doesn't know what Sam wants. Sam wants to come along, so the boys head to Washington.

supernatural wiki ghost facers meet

The Ghostfacers, Harry and Ed, are sitting in a diner, and Harry is obsessing about his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page when Sam and Dean sit down with them. The boys exchange some witty banter with the Ghostfacers, and Sam and Dean warn them to leave town.

In the meantime, the busboy gets in trouble with his manager for not doing his job properly. The boys return to the motel to research, and Sam checks the Ghostfacers website where they discover the Ghostfacers latest obsession: The boys argue about whether they are hunting a ghost or Thinman.

Meanwhile, Ed and Harry return to Casey's bedroom to record some footage for their fans. They continue to discuss Harry's ex-girlfriend.

A frustrated Ed says they should bail on the case, but Harry insists they need to find Thinman to make all the haters eat their words. As the boys continue to research at the motel, Dean is still skeptical of the Thinman legend. They wonder how the photo ended up online, so they head to the police station to gather more information. They get assistance from Deputy Tom Norwood who has also been talking to the Ghostfacers about the possibility of a supernatural killer.

That night, at the diner, the manager is going through receipts when a mysterious figure comes up behind him and slits his throat. The next day, Sam and Dean arrive at the diner to find the Ghostfacers are also there to investigate.

Dean confronts Ed and Harry, about Thinman and possibility they created another Tulpa. Harry wants to search the woods for Thinman, but Ed isn't so sure. He suggests that Sam and Dean should take over because two people are dead. Harry insists on continuing the hunt.

3.13 Ghostfacers

At the motel, Sam and Dean are tossing around ideas and discussing the case. Dean brings up how when, as kids, they pretended to be Superman and Batman. They reminisce and laugh about how they jumped off the shed and Sam broke his arm, and how Dean rushed him to the hospital on the handlebars of his bike. Sam and Dean try to get them out of the house by showing them the missing persons reports, but Team 2 records a ghost reliving his horrible death.

supernatural wiki ghost facers meet

Sam and Dean figure out they're dealing with a death echowhich isn't the real threat. Corbett then disappears and they don't make it out before midnight, trapping them in the house for the evening. Dean and Sam try to get the team to leave before midnight. They search the house for Corbett and try to figure out why the death echoes are there, considering that the victims in the death echos didn't die there.

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They find the office of the home's owner, Freeman Daggett, who was a janitor at the hospital before he died in He was a survivalist, and took corpses from the morgue to "play" with. Sam at Daggett's party, as seen through Corbett's camera. After some fake reality show drama involving Maggie and Harry in a compromising position, we see Corbett and Sam tied to chairs at a table with a birthday cake and "It's My Party" playing in the background. A big creepy guy kills Corbett with a spike through the neck, and then slaps a party hat on Sam.

Some of Daggett's other party guests. Dean figures out that a survivalist usually keeps a bomb shelter and heads for the basement, but the basement door locks behind him, separating him and Spruce from the others. The others meanwhile put themselves in a salt circle and see the ghost of Corbett reliving his death.