Relationship between elephant and mahout

Love between mahout and elpahants - Elephant Nature Park

relationship between elephant and mahout

Again, traditionally, a mahout usually owned his elephant and typically than as traditional mahouts, and the lifelong bond between keeper and creature is. THE COMPLEX BOND BETWEEN MAHOUT AND ELEPHANT The relationship between an elephant and his/her mahout is full of complexities. Like us. (like a dog or cat), and we make elephants scared of us. They have a close relationship with us.” There is a special bond between a human and an elephant.

Countless mahouts saw no option other than to take their elephants to the city to earn and often beg for an income. How else do you provide kilograms of food each day and support your family?

relationship between elephant and mahout

Unfortunately, this meant that elephants were forced to walk long distances to reach city centers each day. Toxic exhaust fumes, polluted drinking water, unreliable meals, traffic, and excessive exercise all make for dangerous and unhealthy conditions. There is barely enough jungle left to support the wild elephant populations that exist now.

relationship between elephant and mahout

Without adequate space and food sources, hungry elephants venture out to eat farmers crops. This leaves farmers understandably upset and can lead them to kill the elephants in order to protect their livelihood. Enter tourism and elephant camps.

Thailand’s Elephants and Mahouts

Some animal rights groups have argued that tourists should not visit elephant camps, claiming it promotes cruelty. There are without a doubt camps that exploit or mistreat elephants. That is inexcusable and should not be tolerated. But, there are many more that seek to provide a humane refuge for these magnificent creatures and a livelihood for their mahouts and their families.

Elephant camps invest a huge amount of money in their elephants and their upkeep.

relationship between elephant and mahout

It is not in their interest to mistreat their animals. The cost of rescuing, housing, feeing and caring for these elephants is enormous and cannot be done without ongoing revenue. When tourists visit these parks, they become more deeply invested in the elephants welfare and the ticket price ensure the animals will be cared for and valued. Many parks also educate visitors about the plight of the Asian elephant — both domestic and wild.

Instruction Manual for Mahouts As the mahout way of life becomes more difficult to maintain, many have been forced to sell their elephants and seek work elsewhere or they may choose not to pass the vocation on to their sons.

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This is a sad loss. Mahouts are the ones employed in the elephant tourism industry, not elephants. While tourist arrivals boomed in Bangkok was the most visited city in the worldnew solutions for unemployed mahouts and their elephants emerged.

Tourism, more specifically ecotourism, offered much better solutions for elephant welfare and mahout economic security than begging and illegal logging. But with little infrastructure or regulation in place, the emerging industry was ripe for exploitation. The industry is structured so that mahouts are underpaid, overworked, and left without options.

relationship between elephant and mahout

Although many own their elephants and do all the hard labor, camps still take the vast majority of their income, leaving the mahouts to live on tips. Life today is hard for mahouts and their families. They often have young children and wives whom they may only see once a year. They are often more aware than anyone that conditions are incredibly harsh in the tourist camps.

Elephants have to be restrained on short chains and suffer a poor, unvaried diet. The animals have virtually no social interaction and cannot thrive. We can tell if they are feeling ill or are generally in a bad mood.

Thrikkadavoor Sivaraju and Manoj : The relationship between the mahout and his elephant

Sajid added that apart from feeding them, on days when the elephants are feeling ill, he sits near them to comfort them. On normal days, their day begins with a bath to wash away the mud and grass the elephants toss onto their backs to remove parasites and to counter the heat.

Love between mahout and elpahants

I use the husk from a tender coconut to clean their backs. After the bath, the elephants are fed a combination of grains including maize, jowar or Sorghum soaked overnight and mixed with jaggery along with grass.

Each elephant consumes around kg of food and more than litres of water every day.

relationship between elephant and mahout