Relationship between iggy pop and david bowie

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relationship between iggy pop and david bowie

Iggy Pop and David Bowie – two decades of uneasy collaboration Part album that got me thinking about the relationship of Bowie and Iggy. Iggy Pop recalls inviting Blondie to tour with him at a time when David Bowie was playing keyboards in his backing band. "Debbie was an American ponytail girl. I feel tragic like I'm Marlon Brando” wrote Iggy. The lyric probably refers to a role played by Brando in the film Sayonara. In the film, Brando.

I probably shouldn't say this but — ha! Sterling Campbelldrummer David doesn't talk down to you — he makes you feel like an equal. But I didn't meet Ziggy.

I met him in another place. Working with David, there's a lot of comedy. He was the first person to turn me on to The Office. He was getting it sent from England. He's an extremely funny man. There'll be an ongoing joke at dinner, or on stage he might be going up on the catwalk and, when no one can see, he'll turn round and make a really funny face. Tony Selznicktaught Bowie to roller-skate for the Day-In Day-Out video David came across as very humble and in between careers, almost.

He was disillusioned with the music industry. We shot the video on Hollywood Boulevard at night, with me in a wig and leather jacket as his double for some scenes. The only bad fall involved the instructor: He was so nice, normal.

A couple of years later I was driving down Sunset and he pulled up alongside. I rolled down the window and he was really approachable, just like any other dad in a Lexus. When I first worked with him in the late s, I was a naive youngster from Kentucky and he was like a mentor to me.

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One time, we went to the Prado in Madrid and he amazed me with his knowledge of paintings and painters. He knew all this wonderful trivia that made my museum visit so much more interesting.

David Bowie as museum tour guide! I tipped him at the end. We both had girl problems, so would sob on each other's shoulders, but that tour was a life-changer for us both.

relationship between iggy pop and david bowie

I met my wife. On the plane he was looking through magazines and I heard him say to his assistant, "This girl's interesting. Tim Popevideo director I'd become friends with Iggy Pop and at one show he said, "I've got a couple of friends joining us.

relationship between iggy pop and david bowie

We went to this restaurant and when Iggy went for a pee, there was a space between us. He turned to me and said "Tim Pope. You're a funny little arsehole, aren't you? And that was the start of a beautiful relationship.

He's incredibly physically strong, a muscly bloke, not a willowy thing. He has a real commitment. I worked with him for 15 years. There's the legend, but he has that person in him. I was once in a studio with him and Lou Reedand I saw them in the kitchen and just had to sneak in to hear what they were talking about.

Lou was saying that he was going to Africa and David said, "The thing is, you go to these places and you forget the climate's changed. He jumped at the chance, because he and his daughter watched SpongeBob together. I flew to New York to direct him. Who in their right mind would pass up that opportunity?

The next day on his blog he called the job "the Holy Grail of animation gigs". Needless to say, that made my year. He was fascinating and wanted to share his knowledge and educate. He liked logic, thought puzzles, memory stuff. The non-serious side to him came out when things seemed tense. I don't know if performing changed him. I think he went through what he had to to get at those performances.

It's partly losing your anonymity and also going into the most uncomfortable places in your psyche. Then I had to live up to his excitement. We made life-size models of the Beatleswhich he used for publicity.

That didn't last long. We were walking down Baker Street with them and who should approach us but one of the Beatles? He used to rehearse late at night at home and because they lived in a tiny house, it was very bad for his father, who wasn't well. David told me this and I said, "I think you'd better move in here," and he burst into tears, saying, "May I? My clothes were his clothes.

When Angie and David came to tell me they were firing me, he sat looking at the wall and again there were tears in his eyes. I'm 90 now and hadn't seen him for years, but about four years ago there was a knock at my door and it was David.

He didn't seem too well, but we talked for over an hour. It was a lovely thing to do. Geoff MacCormack, lifelong friend David is a too-far person. He doesn't drink any more because he took that too far. He lives a very clean life now, but I'm sure he's obsessing about something else. When he moved to Switzerland for a while he started skiing. I remember thinking, "Bowie?

Getty Images But he's a very normal, gracious person. People are surprised by that. When we went to the Museum of Modern Art, his instinct was to queue with everyone else. I saw him recently and it was the same old in-jokes, slight competitiveness on silly things. We went bowling with Iman and his daughter. Iman found it hilarious that we were so competitive.

He's got the time and money now to watch his child grow up, which he didn't have with Duncan [Zowie], so he's taking time to be a family man, walking around New York in a flat cap. Ricky Gardinerguitarist during the Berlin period I remember David as being extremely well-read in the areas that interested him.

His apartment had a well-stocked library on astrology, UFOs, oriental music and psychic phenomena. We rehearsed at the old UFA studioswhere those films were made, and one could see guards pacing the wall at Hansa studios. The atmosphere was laden with the resonance of the war.

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We stayed at the old Schlosshotel Gerhus, and one night we happened on this Nazi commemorative event. We must have seemed as odd to them as they did to us, in their Nazi regalia, dancing in formation like dummies.

David's new single, Where Are We Now? He was very spontaneous. Mike Garsonkeyboards, Bowie's longest-serving musician I was hired in for eight weeks, and for the next two years he had five different bands, all of whom were fired or left except me.

Then, aroundafter we'd finished the Young Americans tour, I was visiting him in New York and he said, "Mike, you're going to be with me for the next 20 years. He gets on the phone in and asks me back for Black Tie, White Noiseand I stay for more albums and tours than I can remember. I've seen him joyous over something he's created and other times, just before going on stage, [full of] nerves and fear and vulnerability.

When he played Glastonbury topeople, he sent me out first, to test the waters. He once told me, "You wouldn't want to be in my shoes," about fame and what it does to you. I don't think he cares about the spotlight as much as people think. He said, "Thank you. If I hadn't done this and got over the fear, I might not have been able to sing again. We're friends, but he's an isolated person. With most big stars, the vanity and the power and the money take over.

Maybe he's experienced that and didn't like that feeling. Sometimes, others get left in the dust, but one always has the opportunity to fix that. We've never discussed this, but I could feel an undercurrent of regret.

He did fix it with Mick Ronson before Mick's death. In his own way, he does repair it. Underneath all the crap you read in books, David is a good guy. Our eyes met and I had to look down. But he puts you at ease.

Iggy Pop and David Bowie – two decades of uneasy collaboration Part 1: the ‘70s – Potato Revolution

This wasn't the version of him you hear about, high on cocaine. He called and asked, "Are you available? This culminated in their evacuation from the master bedroom in the trailer, because that was the only room big enough for my drum kit. They gave me their bedroom.

David Bowie and me

After exploring local blues -style bands such as the Prime Movers with brothers Dan and Michael Erlewinehe eventually dropped out of the University of Michigan [15] and moved to Chicago to learn more about blues. Their first show was played at a Halloween party at a house in Detroit, Michigan. Members of the MC5 were also in attendance. Iggy Pop was the first performer to do a stage-divewhich he started at a concert in Detroit. The first one I attended was early on and they had not gotten their shit together yet.

That show was a big, big, big influence on me. They had just had their big hit, " Light My Fire " and the album had taken off.

Iggy Pop - China Girl (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)

So, here's this guy, out of his head on aciddressed in leather with his hair all oiled and curled. The stage was tiny and it was really low. I found it really interesting. I loved the performance Part of me was like, "Wow, this is great. He's really pissing people off and he's lurching around making these guys angry. You blank, blank, blank. The other half of it was that I thought, "If they've got a hit record out and they can get away with this, then I have no fucking excuse not to get out on stage with my band.

In a interview with Bust Magazine, he relates: And the other thing was we went to New York. We had gone to New York a couple of months before that just to check out the scene, and we had never been to a place like New York Inone year after their live debut and now dubbed the Psychedelic Stoogesthe band signed with Elektra Recordsagain following in the footsteps of The Doors, who were Elektra's biggest act at the time according to Iggy, guitarist Ron Asheton called Moe Howard to see if it was all right to call the band "The Stooges", to which Howard responded by merely saying "I don't care what they call themselves, as long as they're not the Three Stooges!

Though the release of Fun House did not receive the recognition it expected, it was later ranked No. Inwithout a record deal, the Stooges kept performing in small clubs with a 5-piece line-up that included both Ron Asheton and James Williamson on guitars and Jimmy Recca on bass, Dave Alexander having been sacked by Iggy Pop the previous year when he turned up for a gig unable to play because of his chronic alcoholism he died in With James Williamson signed on as guitarist, the search began for a rhythm section.

However, since neither Iggy Pop nor Williamson were satisfied with any players in England, they decided to re-unite the Stooges. Ron Asheton grudgingly moved from guitar to bass. The recording sessions produced the rock landmark Raw Power. The Stooges' last show in ended in a fight between the band and a group of bikersdocumented on the album Metallic K. Drug abuse stalled his career again for several years.

Bowie was one of his few visitors there, and he continued to support his friend and collaborator. InBowie took him along as his companion on the Station to Station tour. This was Iggy's first exposure to large-scale professional touring and he was impressed, particularly with Bowie's work ethic.

On March 21,Bowie and Iggy were arrested together for marijuana possession in Rochester, New Yorkalthough charges were later dropped. Bowie helped write and produce The Idiot and Lust for LifeIggy's two most acclaimed albums as a solo artist, the latter featuring one of his best-known songs, " The Passenger ". Among the songs Bowie and Iggy wrote together were " China Girl ", " Tonight ", and " Sister Midnight ", all of which Bowie performed on his own albums later the last being recorded with different lyrics as " Red Money " on Lodger.

Bowie also played keyboards in Iggy's live performances, some of which are featured on the album TV Eye Live in In return, Iggy contributed backing vocals on Bowie's Low. He moved to Arista Recordsunder whose banner he released New Values in This album was something of a Stooges reunion, with James Williamson producing and latter-day Stooge Scott Thurston playing guitar and keyboards.

Not surprisingly, the album's style harkened back to the guitar sound of the Stooges. Although highly regarded by many Iggy fans some preferring it to the Bowie collaborationsNew Values was not a popular success. The album was moderately successful in Australia and New Zealand, however, and this led to Iggy Pop's first visit there to promote it.

relationship between iggy pop and david bowie

While in Melbourne, he made a memorable appearance on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 's nationwide show Countdown. During his anarchic performance of "I'm Bored", Iggy Pop made no attempt to conceal the fact that he was lip-synching shoving the microphone down his pants at one pointand he even tried to grab the teenage girls in the audience.

He was also interviewed by host Molly Meldruman exchange which was frequently punctuated by the singer jumping up and down on his chair and making loud exclamations of "G'day mate" in a mock Australian accent.

His Countdown appearance is generally considered one of the highlights of the show's history and it cemented his popularity with Australian punk fans; since then he has often toured there. While visiting New Zealand, Iggy Pop recorded a music video for "I'm Bored", and attended a record company function where he appeared to slap a woman and throw wine over a photographer.

It is not known whether a recording of this interview exists, but the famous Countdown appearance has often been re-screened in Australia. During the recording of SoldierIggy Pop and David Bowie argued with Williamson over various aspects of the project. Williamson recalling 'I was not at all happy with a number of aspects of that record including the band, the material and the recording facilities.

So I was unhappy in general and vice versa'. Bowie appeared on the song "Play it Safe", performing backing vocals with the group Simple Minds. The album and its follow-up Party were both commercial failures, and Iggy Pop was dropped from Arista. His drug habit varied in intensity, but persisted. The book, which includes a selection of black and white photographs, featured a foreword by Andy Warhol.

The song had originally appeared on The Idiot, and was a major hit on Bowie's blockbuster Let's Dance album. As co-writer of the song, Iggy Pop received substantial royalties. On Tonight inBowie recorded five more of their co-written songs 2 from Lust for Life, 1 from New Values, and 2 new songsassuring Iggy Pop financial security, at least for the short term. The support from Bowie enabled Iggy Pop to take a three-year break, during which he overcame his resurgent heroin addiction and took acting classes.

He played these demos for Bowie, who was sufficiently impressed to offer to produce an album for Iggy Pop: The single was a Top 10 hit in the UK and was successful around the world, especially in Australia, where it has been used since as the theme music for the ABC 's late-night music video show Rage. The groundbreaking video explores transhumanist philosopher FM 's ideas of Nostalgia for the Future in the form of an imagined love affair between a robot and one of Man Ray 's models in Paris in the late s.

The surrealist black-and-white video uses stop motion, light painting, and other retro in-camera effects techniques. Sakamoto also appears in the video painting words and messages to an open shutter camera.

Iggy Pop, who performs the vocals on "Risky", chose not to appear in the video, allowing his performance space to be occupied by the surrealist era robot.