Relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

Does employee job satisfaction really matter? More precisely, does job As with all attitudes, the relationship between satisfaction and behavior, is complex. Keywords: Job satisfaction, employees, organisational performance, company In fact, some authors have found a positive correlation between job .. performance measured by productivity, profit, employee turnover. According to a study from , an increase in job satisfaction is It also found that unhappy workers are 10 percent less productive than.

When one member of a team displays low productivity, it is only natural for other members of the team to feel dissatisfied as a result, and their productivity will begin to decline as well.


It is a vicious cycle that is common in most organizations. Low job satisfaction also creates high turnover rates with employees. Sooner or later, the employee is going to quit so that they can find a job that gives them much satisfaction. Many industries such as banks industry suffer from high turnover rates and the inability to retain qualified workers.

It is up to small business owners and managers to find a way to increase job satisfaction, particularly in difficult industries in which the jobs are tough and the pay is low. This will enable them to get feedback regarding the effectiveness of the subsequent policy formulation and planning.

The employee themselves will find this study very useful it will the need arise. The motivational tendency of workers to feel that their effort and welfare have been recognized in an organization.

It will also give the employees the idea of what to expect the management to do for them and also serve as a guide enabling them set limit to their unnecessary demands. The employee will serve the effort of any of the management and restores sanity to organization productivity.

The workers used for the study should not only be useful at a practical level but all in the theory where it would assist in propagating knowledge in workers job satisfaction.

How Can Job Satisfaction Impact Employee Productivity? | Bizfluent

It would also constitute a useful and interesting text in library. The study would also provide a data base for future research work. The area therefore, is Union Bank Plc, Akakpava in which useful data where gather for the research study.

Therefore, it will be of more importance to highlight certain militating factors that tend to narrow or limit my scope of study. This project research would have been easier if not for these limitating factors: As we all know, time is never our friend.

How Can Job Satisfaction Impact Employee Productivity?

The time scheduled for the completion of this research thesis was too short. Drive - The motivational to act or carry out an action. Emotion - The inward feelings for outward observation.

Job satisfaction - The total body of felling that an individual has about his job. Ethic - The professional rules or code of doing job. Corporate objective - the company set goal. Bifurcation of objective - When the corporate objective conflict with the workers objectives. Conceptualized - this means the imagination and visualized the presence of something in presence.

relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

Another study--this one conducted by economists at the University of Warwick--found that happiness leads to a 12 percent increase in productivity. It also found that unhappy workers are 10 percent less productive than content employees. According to Johna Revesencio of Fast Company, the incentive for organizations is pretty obvious. Well, there isn't a single answer.

What Is Motivation And Job Satisfaction?

Most studies have found that contentment is good for the following reasons: So, while the numbers may differ from study to study, it's clear that there is a positive relationship between an increase in happiness and an increase in productivity. The key is to find a way to tap into this.

Well, there are a number of options--and many depend on your current workplace setup and environment--but here are a few of the top tips: Listen to Your Employees Often times, employees just want to be heard. This includes everyone from the mailroom clerk to the department manager. By listening to your employees, you show that you respect their opinions and truly value them as part of the organization.

On the contrary, if you're always overloading your subordinates with information and never giving them a chance to speak, you're essentially telling them that they have nothing of value to contribute. They begin to feel like paid labor - not living, breathing assets. Listening doesn't always come easy to people in positions of leadership.

If you want to become a better listener, you have to make it a priority. Erik Sherman of Inc. You obviously need to keep an eye on what your employees are doing to ensure they are being productive and following standard protocol, but you must avoid hovering.

Employees get anxious and perturbed when superiors are constantly watching them. This drastically kills productivity and simultaneously hampers employee satisfaction. Allow for Creativity and Personalization Your business doesn't have to model itself after hip tech companies like Google or Facebook, but it should promote creativity and personalization in the workplace.

Allow employees to decorate their cubicles and offices as they please.

relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity

Provide downtime for brainstorming sessions and team building exercises. These are opportunities for employees to express themselves--which goes a long way towards being satisfied in a job.

Permit Telecommuting It doesn't work in all situations, but if your company is conducive to telecommuting, don't be afraid to pass this option along to your employees. Allowing employees to occasionally work from home shows them trust. It also allows them to escape the monotony of the same nine-to-five job routine. By changing up their work environment, they're able to enhance creativity and productivity.