Beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

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beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

I'm going to say however that there's ONE ending option that really redeems . won't be a sequel with the "Terminator Judgement Day"-esque ending (or at . There are a total of 3 good scenes in Beyond Two Souls, and the rest is utter crap . Aiden has a childish jealousy about her being in a relationship. By now if you've bought and played Beyond: Two Souls you've probably especially the ominous ending and host of mysteries and questions left in its wake. and dissect the meaning and relationship it has for different people. But then one must ask: what else will be different about a BEYOND sequel?. There are a lot of endings to Beyond: Two Souls. A lot. At the end of the game, in some endings you will see her talking about how she hears.

Now reload the game at The Black Sun chapter, and just replay it to get endings 2,4,5 and 6.

beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

To get ending 3, reload the mission Dragons Hideout. Have Ryan lose his eye, and continue playing from there. This should only take hours to get this ending.

beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

Now you will have all 6 endings where you needed everyone alive. To get ending 7, jump back about halfway through the game and reload the Homeless chapter. Play through the game again from here, letting everyone die.

Quantic Dream isn’t working on a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls – GAMING TREND

Choose Beyond at the end, and you will get ending six. Now reload The Black Sun a few times to get endings 8,9 and Now you will have all the endings with everyone dead.

The final ending you can get at any time, since it doesn't matter who is alive or dead as Jodie is the one who dies.

beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

At the end, choose to go to the Infraworld to see the ending. You will also get the Saved All trophy for this. Rescue Walter, who is trapped behind a door on the first floor, and Jimmy who is behind a door on the second, on top of the staircase. Paul - During the Navajo chapter, an entity will attack Paul.

Quantic Dream isn’t working on a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls

After you carry him into the house, switch to Aiden and heal him. Norah - While you visit your mother during the Norah chapter, you have the chance to stop her heart.

beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

Do not take it, and simply walk away, allowing her to live. Run back out, save him, and after dragging him clear to safety, use Aiden to cure him. During the final events by the black sun, Ryan disappears for a moment, and you find Dawkins. Tell him to Move both times, and Ryan will safely appear after Dawkins dies.

During the Epiloguepick Ryan Clayton to spend your life with. During the Epiloguepick Ryan Claytonhowever this time he must only have one eye. I don't think it needs anything more. I'd rather they make something new and make me fall in love all over again. They're currently making a game for PS4, but it's not Beyond 2. In a way you can see how they have the same gameplay mechanics and are consistent with what they try to do.

The studio has never made a direct sequel to any of their games, though. That said, Quantic Dream does have a franchise — a brand with several games.

beyond two souls sequel ending a relationship

We think the franchise is Quantic Dream and David Cage. And this is what we are trying to accomplish game after game. How dare you get a happy ending I hate to shatter your dreams but, QD never makes sequels for any of their games, ever.

I only saw one ending, but I take it that ending and who is standing there shifts based on what you choose. I do find it unlikely that a Beyond Two Souls sequel is made, anytime soon at least.

Why you shouldn't play Beyond: Two Souls more than once

Bottom line is, that old statement of Quantic Dream's might not be considered true for this title. MegaSlime MegaSlime 5 years ago 5 I'm not sure how you can make a sequel of this game while keeping a similar formula.

Beyond Two Souls Ending - Beyond

This game is really about Jodie and her life being attached to Aiden and we've pretty much seen most if not all of the important parts of it. Maybe you guys will have better ideas, I dunno Kiigen Kiigen 5 years ago 6 I'd guess that the aftermath of the "End of the World" or whatever it is would also be a factor.

Lansfield Lansfield 5 years ago 7 nah, the ending was up for you to decide.