Cute love relationship songs hip

Relationship Rap Songs | Best Hip Hop Songs About Relationships

cute love relationship songs hip

Check out some of hip-hop's most heart-warming love songs from the likes of Drake, an insight into their love life with this wild cut from Bey's self-titled album . Feb 13, Future opened up his heart post-Ciara for one of his best songs, and throw in a cute Slick Rick reference in one of the great hip-pop love songs of our time. .. Follow Cheeks through his brief (but intense) relationship with a. Dec 12, Here are the 25 most romantic rap songs ever produced, providing Hip-hop has a soft side, and you don't have to wait till Valentine's Day . The Dock of the Bay") made it cool to declare sweet affection for that 50 Cent turned the tables on "21 Questions," which takes the form of a relationship interview.

Too bad it became the number one song in the US. While it isn't that romantic to call a girl a slut, his swag and flow works in his favor. The epitome of gangster rap.

cute love relationship songs hip

Representing the West Coast, he does not hesitate to speak on his lifestyle of having a way with the ladies. Either way, this song is romantic. No matter what you say.

cute love relationship songs hip

With Pharrell on the hook, there is no denying they are both hustlers. Give it to them. Method Man - "All I Need" feat. For couples in the '90s, this song was the one. Method Man truly captures how much he loves his woman, while Mary J.

cute love relationship songs hip

Blige kills it on the hook, sharing the same love for her man. There's really nothing but love on this classic record.

Ja Rule - "I'm Real" feat. With many fish in the sea, it's hard to separate the good from the bad, the fake from the real. In this track, both parties touch on their frustration of being alone, and their desire to be loved. Every relationship comes with problems-- just put on this track, and all will be good. Snoop Dogg - "Beautiful" feat.

cute love relationship songs hip

Snoop Dogg hits us with his romantic side with the track "Beautiful," which reached 6 on the Hot list. Like we said earlier, every gangster needs a woman by his side. Here, Snoop proves why you'd want to be his. Dedicating an entire song reminding you you're beautiful seems too good to be true. Hit ya girl or guy with this one.

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Nate Dogg - '21 Questions' 50's much-loved song is responsible for what has become one of the most classic lines in Hip-Hop; 'I love you like a fat kid loves cake. More frisky than romantic - but it makes the list. B's debut single, released inwas the song on everyones lips and unsurprisingly debuted at number 1 in the UK singles chart. It's been confirmed that the romantic song was written with a certain someone in mind, but B.

You will pretty much fall in love with him by the end of the song. Listen out for when Lloyd Banks goes in with his rap. It was considered the 'first rap ballad' and very much sealed his reputation as the ladies man of the rap scene.

The Ultimate Hip-Hop And R&B Love Songs Playlist

Cole chose to drop this as his lead single off his Sophomore album 'Born Sinner' and has said that there is a double meaning to the song, while being about a girl, he has also said that it is about his love of Hip-Hop, and that, in his words, the genre has "got me up all night" trying to make that hit single.

This track from way back in the summer of got into the top 10 in in the UK charts and still sounds fresh. Craig David - 'This is the Girl' This one comes in two distinct flavours. The single version and also, to make things even smoother, an acoustic version. Both featuring Craig David this all English tune reached number 18 in the singles charts when it was released in Miguel - 'Ashley' Confirmed to have been written about his ex unsurprisingly called Ashley whom he split up with at the beginning of but written while he was still with her.

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