Devil card love relationship

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devil card love relationship

The Devil is a card of deception and lies, so it does not bode good news for a love or a relationship. It represents problems of insecurity. Devil Tarot Card Meaning. This is normally not a healthy relationship, but one that is fictionalized as romantic in many love stories written for the cinema. In a relationship, they're out for themselves. I have performed many love orientated Tarot readings where The Devil has appeared because one.

In short, he is not healed psychologically. Caution must be taken when the reading really signals this. Once a girl told me to do a reading on a date who was not answering her calls. A day before this, he told her that he could not get over his ex.

So from the reading I picked up that yes. Unfortunately, later that night, his mother called the girl to tell her that he was so badly depressed with his past that he tried to take his life! What we need to learn from this is that the Devil tarot card flashes severe warning.

devil card love relationship

It does not matter if this is linked to having two or eighty partners. You will always know that you do not need to break up because the crisis is rather silly and stupid. The turmoil will not be able to hide the happiness you two have. Moreover, if you are religious or tell a religious person about what you are go through it will be clear immediately that your relationship is being victim to demonic influence. An inverted pentagram is the symbol for the devil. The Devil indicates being bound by things, stuff, and physicalities.

You are unable to let them go. You maybe caught up in always wanting more indulgences and never thinking that you have enough. But the Devil reminds you that the noose around your neck can easily be taken off.

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The Devil in tarot can represent a gambling addiction that is out-of-control. Someone who steals and lies for their next gambling venture. Someone with risky behaviors that includes risky business ventures that are more precarious than grounded. The Devil in tarot can represent drugs addictions and drug dealers.

The Devil, in a relationship spread

It could represent someone who gets another person addicted to drugs so that they can control them. It could represent a boyfriend who gets his waning girlfriend addicted to drugs so that she won't leave him. The Devil in tarot can represent obsessions, especially with materialism.

You maybe obsessed with having all the new toys and gadgets. You are the person with the newest smart phone or fabulous luxury car. Your desire for more stuff is insatiable.

devil card love relationship

If you live in the city, you also may like high views, such as a penthouse view over the city. The Devil in tarot can represent any behavior that is uncontrollable. The Devil can even indicate someone who is hysterical or bipolar. The Devil can sometimes suggest impotence in a man. The Devil as a Person Check out the audio clip of the Devil here: In its darkest form the Devil can represent sexual slavery. Lust is commonly confused for love as the Devil in love doesn't understand real, pure compassion as a form of love.

This is normally not a healthy relationship, but one that is fictionalized as romantic in many love stories written for the cinema. You may have to know every little thing about them and you disrespect their boundaries. Your fourth chakra, which rules the heart is most likely to be over enlarged.

If you have a journal or diary, this person will read it trying to convince you that "love has no boundaries. Think of it like a cat. When your cat comes to you, the cat appreciates you more. When you are constantly picking up the cat and hovering over the cat, the cat resists you more and more. Cats need boundaries and so do people. If you are asking about a love interests feelings then this person maybe obsessed with you in a negative way.

They must have you at all costs. They may even be thinking about you in a lewd, degrading way. They may think of you as an object. In a relationship they may expect lavish and expensive gifts.

The Devil can indicate the type of woman who only dates affluent, wealthy men and immediately writes off poor men. The same holds true for men. A man who only dates super models.

He has no morals, nor does he believe in principles, and he wants you to follow in his footsteps. The end justifies the means. The Devil card is number 15 in the deck and is ruled by the zodiac sign Capricorn.

The card of the Devil shows a Satyr half man and half goat with the wings of a bat. This is symbolic in the sense that the goat is considered an impure and lustful animal, and the bat sucks blood from its prey. The Devil is fixed in a spellbinding stare, rendering anyone who comes near him powerless and weak. The chains hang loosely around their necks, symbolizing their voluntary bondage to the Devil. You will see that they also have tails on their backs, a symbol of their animalistic tendencies.

They all stand inside a dark and closed-in cave, representing how the Devil exists in the innermost recesses of the mind that only catastrophe or change can penetrate. Free Tarot Reading It often reflects real life addictions and dependencies like lovemaking, alcohol, drugs, bad boyfriends, abusive husbands, and many others. You think you need them and you will do anything to get it or to keep it.

It can give you immediate gratification but you choose to ignore the long term damage to your life. Unless you put a stop to these bad and evil ways, you will not like the consequences.

You need to cut yourself loose and see them for what they truly are. The Devil wants to trap you in. The Devil signifies a part of your life where you feel like there is no escape, or a chance to escape. What kind of trap and how you can avoid it will depend on where the Devil appears in your reading. The Devil does not predict your downfall, only the need to exercise caution.

The Devil Tarot and Love The Devil is a card of deception and lies, so it does not bode good news for a love or a relationship.

It represents problems of insecurity, or jealousy, or over dependency, or the loss of your sense of self.