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Legate Lanius was next in line. You may have done a lot for the Legion, but nobody fucks with the Legate. The men would support him, and. Click here to start a new topic. Like 7 foot or more (in relation to the other NPCs and the player's height). When I killed Lanius he had some legate healing powder on his corpse. . of reward at the end of the game. id also like to carry on playing wilst wearing lanius's armour and mask as it makes a . Fallout: New Vegas. A page for describing Characters: Fallout: New Vegas - Caesars Legion. This is a partial character sheet for the Video Game Fallout: New Vegas. Visit here .

Siria Legion slave, describes him as not "a man to be crossed - especially if you are a woman. He states that treachery should not be relied on as a tactic, and hopes that the Omertas would die after their plan to hold a coup on the New Vegas Strip failed and they were discovered, as their aid in the Second Battle would have sullied the Legion. Lanius also suspects that the Legion took too much of the dam easily and that the Republic would not be so lax in its security if the Courier bluffs and states that there is a trap set for the Legion.

He also shows a dislike for Vulpes Inculta's methods and he criticizes his ploys as "dishonest. This shows great conflict swirling around Lanius as Caesar's successor and adds to the beliefs of Joshua GrahamMarcus and Mr.


House that the Legion will tear itself apart in the years after Caesar's death. In fact, the two main healing medicines used by the Legion are healing powder and bitter drink, which you craft from the exact same active ingredients as stimpaks broc flower and xander rootjust minus the syringe.

And while Healing Powder isn't addictive, it temporary reduces your Perception because it tampers your sight, similar to numerous drugs. This even extends to ex-members, such as Joshua Graham and Ulysses. Joshua claims he doesn't enjoy killing, but his actions when fighting the White Legs speaks for itself. Ulysses among other things hates The Courier for accidentally destroying his new home, The Divide. The Legion considers NCR's victory in the First Battle of Hoover Dam dishonorable, as they did not fight the Legion head-on but instead retreated to draw the Legion's main force into an area heavily trapped with explosives.

At the same time, the Legion employs equally underhanded tactics, such as hiding proximity mines under corpses of NCR soldiers and killing everyone in Searchlight with a suicide mission which their operatives did not know would be suicide to unleash radioactive waste on the town.

They sneer at NCR's citizens as weak and cowardly.

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Despite this, the rank-and-file Legion members you fight will turn and flee at low health like any other enemies, and many named members you can engage in conversation can be cowed with the Terrifying Presence perk. How about Caesar's reason for vehemently opposing the NCR? He hates how its corruption only benefits the higher ups. What does he do? Creates an enormous empire with him ruling as the eternal emperor. Cannibalism is an accepted practice among the Legion, though not all its members are cannibals.

Caesar's, Vulpes's, and Aurelius's faces are all based on their respective voice actors. Despite modelling themselves on Rome, they much more resemble Sparta.

Everyone is a slave or soldier, art and technology is unheard of, the slaves support the warriors, the physically and mentally handicapped are executed, and doing horribly cruel things is seen as a sign of strength.

Caesar even comments that he thinks the Legion appears closer to the hordes of Gaul. They actively shun technology yet the real Roman Empire was the most advanced and innovative civilization of it's time. While most of the people of the Mojave wasteland use the Anglicized pronunciation "See-zur", those within the Legion and also Marcus use the original Latin pronunciation, "Kye-sarr".

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Every single one of them. Oddly enough, most of Caesar's inner circle are a lot more polite than his soldiers and officers. Jerkass Has a Point: Though manipulative and cruel, Caesar makes some startlingly true observations about the Wasteland and the corruption of the NCR, which seems to be echoed by many "free" people of the Mojave. He notes that as brutal as his lands are, they're the safest to travel through, and that while the NCR acts like the saviors of the Mojave, they more often than not seize and capture what they want, when they want, without any consideration of the Mojave's people and landowners.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner: For better or worse, the Legion actively takes a role in policing and enacting justice in the Mojave and abroad, even in neutral areas. The Legion's leaders, such as Vulpes, may have entire towns burned down or enslaved to punish crime and banditry, and while quite brutal, it ends up in Legion-controlled territory being the safest in the West.

Pretty much their entire lifestyle. When they're not massacring entire communities and committing grisly atrocities, they entertain themselves by raping women, giggling about how much they like raping women, molesting children, watching slaves getting slaughtered in the arena, eating human flesh, committing human sacrifice, telling passers-by they deserve to by crucified, stealing teddy bears, and gushing about how much they're looking forward to murdering their enemies.

Aside from loyalty to Caesar, most Legionaries lack any form of compassion to other people. They torture NCR soldiers for fun, regularly rape female slaves, and even their generic dialogue has them smugly deride the inexperience of their fellow soldiers who died in Nelson and drooling over raping slaves.

Some like Silus even go out of their way to make sure collars keep slaves in perpetual pain. A more subtle example is Legion-friendly trader Dale Barton. He'll happily trade with you and praise the Legion for their security polices without even the slightest sign of discomfort at the abuse of slaves going on right in front of him, nor will he even bat an eye at the crucified recruits. The player can also recruit the White Gloves, Boomers, and even the Enclave.

Meet the New Boss: You can even talk to Super Mutant Marcus about Caesar, and while he doesn't make a direct comparison, you definitely get the vibe that he's seen it all before and knows it just isn't going to work. Despite his contempt for Pre-War America, Caesar's flaws are worryingly similar to those of the Enclave.

The glimpses we get of Legion's atrocities are remarkably similar to the iconic image of a soldier in Power Armor executing a captured and bound Canadian in the introduction to the original Fallout. For all Caesar's attempts to make the Legion appear alien, their obsessive nationalism and intensely racist ideology are also more than a little familiar.

Much like the NCR, they're aggressively imperialistic. It took the NCR over a hundred years to reach its current size, while the Legion equaled it in less than a lifetime.

And while they belittle the NCR for trying to recreate pre-war America, the Legion is repeating many of the Old World's mistakes, such as the use of nuclear weapons at Searchlight and their brutality towards prisoners. No Sympathy Between Mooks: If you thought their hatred of everyone else was bad enough, the Legionaries even sneer at the death of the Nelson Garrison if you opt to help the NCR in "Restoring Hope," mocking their inexperience.

You can also find several crucified legionaries around the Fort who were punished for failure. None of the legionaries walking around seem to mind. Though the player only sees the Legion war presence, it is known that the Legion possesses much more territory than fringes in the Mojave. Graham was Caesar's friend for a long time, even before the Legion came to be.

Lanius says that Graham deserved the fire that Caesar blessed him with, which could explain why he constantly wears his helmet and armor.

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I found Lanius' given background was weak: Interestingly, there seems to be several spoken versions of Lanius origins, and he himself appears to be surrounded by myths.

Lucius mentions that Lanius was already a Legionnaire by the age of 12, which doesn't fit well with Caesar's story about him. Also, Lanius is said to be a brutal savage, and hate the Legion, only leading it because of his respect for Caesar. In-game, however, he is much smarter and noble than a savage could be, and seemingly has no grudge against the Legion itself. But this is all theory. Graham is the Burned Man, not the Legate. The Legate is simply a disastrously intelligent psychopath.

Kind of like Hannibal Lecter, except a military leader, not a carnivorous psychiatrist. But now I look at this guy, able to run faster with broken legs and heavy armor than the fastest Courier wearing light armor, and now I know who would win. Lanius could take on the Legendary Deathclaw any day, and could clear out Quarry Junction easy.

Oh man, if someone made him an ally with console commands or a mod, then they would be unstoppable. Just put a minefield between yourself and him, for instance. He'll run right through it.