Gambling ruined my relationship

gambling ruined my relationship

We all dream of getting rich, telling our boss to shove it, and buying our own private island one day, right?. It has destroyed my personality, my relationships, my hope for the future and of course my finances. I could literally write an essay on gambling. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. . I feel like i have ruined my life and i don't wish how painful it feels on any other person.

How to leave my gambling boyfriend

It brings me back to driving him to work this time last year, with ads on the radio encouraging betting. I play out various scenarios in my head of how he is coping these days, each ending with a state of unknown. We no longer speak. I spent three years of my life all consumed by him. Now I no longer know if he is dead or alive.

gambling ruined my relationship

It may seem drastic but the high rate of suicide in addiction is a reality I have to acknowledge. I did not understand gambling addiction and I was naive in thinking that the addiction was present within the four walls of a bookies or a screen. What I would soon come to realise is that gambling addiction comes with a wide range of behaviours and the act of placing the bet is only the beginning. I felt like I loved two people.

gambling ruined my relationship

One of whom was kind, hilarious, intelligent, charming, gentle and caring. The other a compulsive liar, manipulative, disrespectful and emotionally unavailable.

PL There were days when I would be with the love of my life, we would laugh to the point of tears and plan our future, completely oblivious before hitting reality with a bang. He would go missing for days on end, having gambled money that was his, mine or stolen.

I would call his phone hundreds of times and drive around searching for him. Eventually, he would show up, engulfed in the shame and guilt that follows the original high of gambling. Sometimes I would hug him in tears, begging him to get help. This addiction causes social problems, emotional problems, physical problems, psychological problems, occupational problems, family problems, and of course, financial devastation.

Problem gambling does not only affect the gambler and the family of the gambler, but can have consequences on employers of the gambler as well. Many have embezzled money to finance their gambling habit and have put companies in financial distress.

When you hear about people going to jail for a gambling addiction, it is usually a result of stealing or embezzling from ones' employer or even stealing from family members and friends.

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Here are 5 reasons why gambling addiction can ruin your life and why you need to stop gambling now: Gambling addiction can cause you to lose your friends and family very easily. Many divorces are caused by a gambling addiction and result from untreated addiction.

gambling ruined my relationship

A gambling problem creates tremendous social isolation since gambling seems to become the most important thing. An untreated and severe gambling problem can cause the worst anxiety and depression which leads to an incredible sense of despair.

5 Reasons Gambling Addiction Will Ruin Your Life and Why You Should Stop Gambling Now

This despair can lead to gambling related suicides which are not uncommon. Gambling addiction has the highest suicide rate of all addictions, hands down. This addiction can cause a lack of functioning in all areas of life, including work.

Many people have lost their jobs as a result of a gambling problem.

5 Reasons Gambling Addiction Will Ruin Your Life and Why You Should Stop Gambling Now

This can compound the financial devastation already experienced from the addiction itself. Compulsive gambling can become all encompassing.

gambling ruined my relationship

The physical health of the gambler can deteriorate rapidly. If you are struggling with this addiction yourself, you may not be eating right, exercising, visiting a doctor, or taking care of your teeth.