How to get through rough patch in relationship

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how to get through rough patch in relationship

All relationships go through a rough patch at some point. But that doesn't mean you should give up! Here are some ways to help you get through them. “My boyfriend and I just went through/are still kind of going through a rough It's easy to let your emotions get the best of you, but don't make an already It's important to realize the difference between a toxic relationship and a rough patch . Communicating Your Hope to Work Through It important part of working through the rough patches in your relationship. whenever it seems like they have something to say.

Even in younger couples, disagreements over classic issues such as finances, parenthood and sex can lead to concerns that they may not be on the same page regarding many of life's greatest stressors and demands.

But are such couples headed for divorce, or are they simply mired in difficulties that could be better navigated together?

how to get through rough patch in relationship

When you and your partner have mismatched libidos In her new book, " The Rough Patch: Marriage and the Art of Living Together ," psychologist Daphne de Marneffe argues that it's often entirely possible for couples to weather these and other bumps in the road, coming out stronger on the other side.

Read More According to de Marneffe, it's not only common but natural for today's couples to experience rough patches. In the past, marriage was often an economic arrangement based on a division of labor and child-rearing.

Now, we want a partner in love, too.

5 Ways to Overcome a Rough Patch in Your Relationship

And we live longer than ever. Develop your communication skills Good communication is key, de Marneffe says -- not just the ability to discuss critical relationship issues but to know what you want and express that. And you'll probably save yourselves some unnecessary arguments when you realize that you can't expect your partner to be a mind-reader.

Work on yourself It's tempting to expect our partners to change to suit our preferences, but the tough work in marriage starts with yourself: That agreement should be a compromise.

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You both need to be happy, even if that means you have to apologize or give in to their requests a little. Go into the conversation stating what your opinion of the situation is, but remind your SO that you want to understand their thought process and hear them out as well.

Once we find that common ground, we try to move on and not stay stuck on the argument. Instead, think of it as reaching the solution that is most beneficial to the relationship.

how to get through rough patch in relationship

Shelly Adams, a junior at Shenandoah University, believes that positivity is one of the major components of getting your relationship back on the right track. The point is that you need to be able to know that you still want to be with the other person at the end of the day.

how to get through rough patch in relationship

As long as you do, then just let the issue pass and you'll be back to normal in no time. In some cases, if the issue is that serious and pressing, those memories can be worth giving up.

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However, more often than not, your relationship is worth fighting for. Keep the spark alive Sometimes, all you need is a break from the drama.

how to get through rough patch in relationship

If you and your SO have decided that you both still want to be together, plan an extra special date for you to go on. Patricia Maynor, a junior at Kennesaw State University, recommends finding a way to get away from all the drama and busyness of everyday life with your SO. One weekend, we took a trip to the beach. That alone time helped me discover the reasons why were love each other.