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india italian relationship

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday called on Italian Prime Minister Prof. across sectors and steps to revitalise the bilateral relationship. deepening India's strategic engagement and trade ties with the four. marines stand accused of killing two Indian fishermen, seems to have grown into an irritating thorn in the relations between India and Italy. India shares a "unique" cultural relationship with Italy and is the world's only country where a Roman settlement dating back more than 2,

Ottavio Quattrocchian Italian businessman believed to be involved, was said to be a friend of Sonia Gandhi, having access to the Prime Minister's official residence. So, by acquiring Indian citizenship inshe would automatically have lost Italian citizenship. After Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in and Sonia Gandhi refused[ citation needed ] to become Prime Minister, the party settled on the choice of P.

Narasimha Rao who became leader and subsequently Prime Minister. Over the next few years, however, the Congress fortunes continued to dwindle and it lost the elections. Chidambaram and Jayanthi Natarajan were in open revolt against incumbent President Sitaram Kesri and many of whom quit the party, splitting the Congress into many factions.

india italian relationship

Sangmaand Tariq Anwar challenged her right to try to become India's Prime Minister because of her foreign origins. In response, she offered to resign[ citation needed ] as party leader, resulting in an outpouring of support and the expulsion from the party of the three rebels who went on to form the Nationalist Congress Party.

She won both seats but chose to represent Amethi. In the election, she was re-elected by a ,vote margin over nearest rival, in the Rae Bareli. On 16 May, she was unanimously chosen to lead a party coalition government with the support of the left, which was subsequently named the United Progressive Alliance UPA. This was contested by others [34] and eventually the suits were dismissed by the Supreme Court of India. Her supporters compared it to the old Indian tradition of renunciation[47] while her opponents attacked it as a political stunt.

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On 23 MarchGandhi announced her resignation from the Lok Sabha and also as chairperson of the National Advisory Council under the office-of-profit controversy and the speculation that the government was planning to bring an ordinance to exempt the post of chairperson of National Advisory Council from the purview of office of profit.

The two Italian marines are accused of fatally shooting two Indian fishermen off southwest India.

india italian relationship

The marines were providing security on a cargo ship and mistook the fishermen for pirates. New Delhi has said the Italians should be tried in India because the killings happened on an Indian boat.

India, Italy agree to revitalise bilateral ties

Rome has argued the shooting took place in international waters and the case should be handled in Italy. This comes amidst reports that Italy could be planning to refuse sending the marine back to face trial for murder in India. Reports also say that Italy would try to get the other sailor involved in the incident out of India he is now spending time in the Italian Embassy in New Delhi.

The Enrica Lexie incident seems to have grown into an irritating thorn in the relations between India and Italy.

india italian relationship

But before that it would be useful to delve briefly into the facts of this case. Though Italy has tried everything, used all its diplomatic ammunition and has run from pillar to post, India has remained firm in its resolve. It was on the unfortunate evening of 15 February that Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, two Italian Naval marines serving on a private oil tanker, Enrica Lexie, flying the Italian flag opened fire on a fishing boat off the coast of Kerala killing two Malayali fishermen.

The marines mistakenly believed the fishing boat to be a pirate vessel. The incident occurred far away from the Somalian coast, the usual operational areas of Somali pirates to counter whom vessels plying on the route carry armed escort.

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The firing from Enrica Lexie happened just outside Indian territorial waters at a distance of As per international law up to 12 nautical miles can comprise a country's territorial waters where the normal criminal jurisdiction of the country extends to.

A further 12 miles is the contiguous zone and a total of miles from the territorial waters is the exclusive economic zone EEZ of a nation as per the UN Convention on the Law of The Sea.

india italian relationship

Soon after the incident, Indian law enforcement swiftly stepped in, seizing the ship and arresting the two marines on murder charges. Italy first challenged the arrest before the Kerala High Court stating that India lacked jurisdiction.

india italian relationship

They also argued that the two personnel involved were naval marines and could not be tried in India. The matter was soon taken up to the Supreme Court.

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In the apex court, India's criminal jurisdiction extending beyond the territorial waters of 12 miles was called to question by Italy. The Supreme Court ruled that based on notifications issued by India pursuant to the Convention on the Law of the Sea, her jurisdiction in criminal matters extended to the entire mile EEZ thus bringing the Enrica Lexie incident triable under Indian law. The Supreme Court also held that only the Union Government and not the state of Kerala could exercise jurisdiction in such a matter and ordered that a special court to try the case be set up.

With no options left in India, Italy took the matter to an International forum.