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The DataLore Advantage

Proby album, Three Week Hero. They found a website useful for learning English. The Iyengar method, created by B. Maeby, an explicit reference to Mrs. Rusty is portrayed by Frankie Valli. There are no start or stop buttons to press — just type and search!

Perform simple and complex searches all via a text entry box. No need to press start or stop, or click on multiple drop down menus. DataLore will start searching with you, will stop with you, and will change with you, responding immediately to your every move. This unique text entry method for making quick searches, from simple to complex, works with you while you type, without any interruption. When you want to change or adjust your search criteria, simply change the text and DataLore will follow your lead, moving with you full steam ahead.

Perform simple searches with words separated by spaces or perform more complex searches using Boolean and Wildcard queries, date ranges, file types, and much more. Combine special search characters to produce more complex search patterns. The text shorthand options make custom or more complex search queries, fast and easy! You can further narrow down your search by excluding specific file types from the search results, and by specifying which kind of file s to display in the search results, and which kinds to not display.

All-in-One Search Solution DataLore offers you a main application along with a companion menu bar application that acts as a mini-server for granting access to other Macs on your network. Use the main application to perform all of your searches — choose where to search, what to search for, and what file types to look for.

View the results immediately. Select which computer to search — your own or another one on the network; select which folders to search, or search any and all folders, and narrow down your search by excluding specific file types and file kinds from the search results. All of the same features and capabilities for searching locally, can also be used to search other Macs on the same network, as well as to search multiple external hard drives.

Use the handy menu bar app to control who can search your computer, or to grant certain computers no access at all. You can turn remote access off instantly whenever you want. This companion mini-server lives in your menu bar so that you can launch a new search anytime without having to first open the main application.

As with all of our other products, DataLore is lean and powerful with a clean, easy to use interface. View the quick 2 minute screencast demonstration of DataLore in action.