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mari kurihara relationship help

Posts about kurihara mari written by sesameacrylic. the relationships of Anzu+ Shingo, or Gakuto+3K girl, or the Chiyo-Kiyoshi-Hana triangle (if that's indeed a. His love interest is Chiyo Kurihara. kiss, and goes to extreme lengths to stay in the same school with her and develop their relationship. Mari enlists Kiyoshi's help in her 'breakout plan', accepting she needs his co-operation for it to work. Mari Kurihara, eldest daughter of Chairman Ku And most -and even her closest friends- believed that her relationship with her Father was quite I had to be the big girl, I had to help look after Chiyo, making sure that she took her naps, .

mari kurihara relationship help

Chiyo was soon released from prison without any knowledge of the plan, and true enough, was greatly offended when the ASC disposed of the PBR that the boys had constructed, which she perceived to be her birthday gift. She proceeds to attack Kate but the latter turned out to be trained in Aikido and stood her ground. Kate decided to let the matter drop as she was occupied in psychological warfare with Mari. During the Sports Festival arc, it was hinted that Chiyo began to suspect there is something going on between Kiyoshi and Hana, although she has yet to confirm or voice out any of her suspicions yet.

She also mistakenly believed that Kiyoshi's promise to her was that of celebrating her birthday after the Sports Festival, when Kiyoshi intended to confess his love for her. During the long drawn-out match, when it was revealed to the entire school that Kiyoshi was wearing panties with his erect genitals exposed, Chiyo expressed her admiration for Kiyoshi's social sacrifice to help the USC, yet again mistakenly believing that Kiyoshi wearing panties was part of his plan in helping the USC.

Subsequently, when Kate repeatedly harassed her team members Anzu, Mayumi, and Satou, Chiyo became outraged enough to attempt a suicidal strike to take down Kate Takenomiya 's team but failed and they were eliminated from the game.

After the event, Chiyo requested for Hana to pass to Kiyoshi a memo on her behalf.

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Hana grudgingly completed the delivery, but not before tearing up the memo and shoving the pieces into Kiyoshi's mouth. Chiyo had to come in to correct the message that Kiyoshi had gotten from the mistaken re-arrangement of the pieces. Chiyo expected Kiyoshi to celebrate her birthday, but Kiyoshi yet again misinterpreted the message to be doing a proper love confession during the BBQ party. Chiyo's obliviousness continued until the day of the BBQ itself. During the BBQ event, Chiyo was the first to arrive at the venue and was surprised that there wasn't any surprise birthday party planned for her in the first place, with Kiyoshi struggling to get to the venue and the rest of the attendees elsewhere distracted with the PBR-ship.

Chiyo wasn't even aware that her sister Mari had left school for an exchange program. Hana came to pass Chiyo her birthday gift but her ulterior motive was to dissuade Chiyo from accepting Kiyoshi's love confession by telling her about the perverted things she and Kiyoshi did together.

Kiyoshi arrived and was shocked by Hana's betrayal, but Chiyo decided to let Kiyoshi give his side of the story. Kiyoshi chose to reveal almost every perverted thing he had done and subsequently made his love confession to Chiyo. It looks as though Chiyo was about to turn down Kiyoshi but in fact she was disagreeing with Hana - Chiyo's feelings for Kiyoshi was mutual and she is willing to accept Kiyoshi's faults.

mari kurihara relationship help

I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply earlier. As you stated, Mari is one of my favorite characters in Prison School. When she made her introduction, I knew she was going to be an interesting character. Throughout the series, she has developed since then. You're on point as I also think she is easily on one of the hottest characters out of all anime and manga.

To keep in note however, the new arc isn't so great in my opinion. But the question in mind is will Kiyoshi x Mari ever happen? Is it a probability?

Is it the best ship? But ever since Kiyoshi made out with Hana, everyone instantly ships them together.

mari kurihara relationship help

I don't get the logic behind that, but a opinion is a opinipn. It's not his best arc but it has it's fair share of great moments. The author might give us a few surprises near the end of the arc because look at what he has given us before.

Chiyo Kurihara

As much as I want Mari and Kiyoshi to get together, I am not entirely sure that will happen as she has to compete with 2 other ships. Kiyoshi is infatuated with Chiyo, but the two barely have any chemistry. He mistakenly believes that their feelings are mutual and I bet you his confession will not go as planned.

As of now, Kiyoshi x Hana seems to be the strongest given everything they have done together. I perfectly understand why people like her so much.

When the boys intrude into a female-only bathing area, she rounds them up and incarcerates them in the Prison Block. There she co-ordinates the guard system, the security and their punishment hard labor for one month. Mari continually increases the harshness of her punishments when she accidentally stumbles onto her father's pornography stash and online videos in his office.

When Mari discovered that Kiyoshi Fujino escaped prison just so that he can have a date with her sister Chiyo Kuriharashe tried to make Kiyoshi sign the school withdrawal form in lieu of one month extension of his prison sentence, but failed.

mari kurihara relationship help

The celebration proved to be premature when Mari found out that the Chairman gave the boys one-day extension to their imminent expulsion. Angered, Mari delegated Hana and Meiko with the task of stepping up the security on that final night to prevent the boys from doing anything that can help overturn the expulsions, and also participated in the monitoring herself.

The boys successfully exposed the conspiracy in front of the Chairman, forcing Mari to admit her role in it. The Chairman placed Mari and the USC on house arrest, subsequently agreeing with the Aboveground Student Council's proposal for a one-week imprisonment of the USC for their mistreatment of the prisoners.

The ASC President Kate Takenomiyawho held a grudge against Mari ever since middle school, plotted to take everything away from Mari as part of her revenge and power-grabbing attempts.

True enough, Kate began a smear campaign against the USC, framed Meiko for starting a massive fire, extended both Mari and Meiko's prison sentence by another week, and announced her intent to permanently disband the USC.

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Kate also sent Kiyoshi to prison, where she manipulated Mari and Kiyoshi into compromising positions, giving her blackmail material. Through this leverage, Kate used the blackmail material to force Mari into a final cavalry battle, facing the ASC. With the school's Sports Festival the next morning, Mari faced the prospect of losing the USC as the defeated Student Council cavalry team would be disbanded permanently.

Believing the blackmail material will be a disadvantage against the USC no matter what, Mari sought Kiyoshi and the boys' help to come up with her own escape plan. Eventually, Mari's escape plan turned out to be a bluff. Mari deduced that Kate didn't just have a simple grudge on her - Kate also wanted to be like her and had a crush on her as well.