Murderer of love blog relationship

murderer of love blog relationship

In her post, “Women Who Love Serial Killers,” PT blogger, Katherine either as incapable of finding love in more normal ways, or as seeking a relationship that. As I wrote in my relationship book, Why Can't You Read My Mind?, toxic thoughts are often silent relationship killers of intimate, loving. 10 dangerous things that can kill your relationship and destroy your marriage.

As a Professional Counselor, I see couples who come into therapy with their marriage on life-support. But their struggles often have nothing to do with the trauma of affairs, addictions, or abuse.

We will never know what killed Sridevi

Instead, they are dying a rather slow and painful death. There are so many factors that can get in the way of a good marriagebut often, they are the small, unnoticed things that make their way in. In order to make sure our marriages survive and thrive, here are some relationship killers every couple should be on the lookout for: The number one relationship stress for most couples has little to do with their relationship and much to do with the relationships they are surrounded by.

Too many marriages are struggling simply due to a lack of priorities- finding themselves pulled by everyone else in every which way, except toward each other. Healthy marriages learn to choose one another above all others. Take the time to connect and communicate with your spouse often.

From financial problems, to illness, job-loss, and grief, healthy couples allow their stress to pull them together, by relying on each other, sharing it with one another, and carrying the load together.

murderer of love blog relationship

I read a blog post about a guy getting a divorce…except this guy chose to divorce his phone. But it makes sense, because so many of us carry this dangerous relationship killer right in our back pocket. Unplug, disconnect, shut down- and invest in your spouse.

Putting someone first is an incredibly hard task because our flesh is wired to choose self. Forgiving and forgetting are not one in the same.

murderer of love blog relationship

When we fail to realize that, we will hold on to our hurts for a very long time. Was it public opinion she feared as Boney had walked away from his marriage and children to be with her? Or was she scared he may walk away from her too? Whatever it was, she never once let go her limpet grip on his left arm!

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And that is how they continued till the next 20 years! In one stroke she gave up movies and devoted herself to Boney and their daughters. I could never understand how or why she gave up movies…. Sridevi was born for the silver screen!

It was there that she looked most beautiful, most alive; it was there that she was her most beguiling, irresistible, charming self. Sridevi was a great actor — nobody can doubt that!

Top 10 Relationship Killers

She made acting seem effortless, and that is the greatest achievement of an actor. To her credit, she was a self-made success story, a legend of her own making by her own efforts and talent — apart from the looks God gave her.

murderer of love blog relationship

It must be very difficult for an icon such as Sridevi to live life normally. The adulation of the fickle millions can make that impossible.

She may have quit movies, but the camera and attention never left her.

We will never know what killed Sridevi

It must be tough for an ethereal beauty to develop wrinkles and grow old gracefully under such a scorching gaze. Under the constant pressure to live up to their image, celebrities often go under the scalpel several times. And God knows how many diets and exercise regimens Sridevi followed!

Murderer of Love

Why then did she die the way she did — unprepared, suddenly, with no warning?