Ouji ka prince ending a relationship

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ouji ka prince ending a relationship

Merry Unbalance Christmas Ch.1(end) page 12 at south-park-episodes.info More information See more. Read manga Ouji ka Prince Chapter online in high quality. He is known as the "Prince" of the school, but the truth is that he is exactly the opposite of a Relationships Age, 17 (From beginning to end of the series). Tsunagi's a high school girl who admires the famous, beautiful and distant imperial prince: Koji Ninomiya. Tsunagi's life takes a new light with a new classmate.

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Sometimes love triangles have one good candidate and one bad one, but you get two okay ones in this series so… It was like Jem Carstairs and Will Herondale all over again!

Like Classi9, the manga series had to be cut up short, so the ending was a bit abrupt. There is a lot of character development!

ouji ka prince ending a relationship

Tsunag u i is very bubbly, and maybe not as bright as a lot of people, however she has a lot of guts. She was able to stand up and express how she felt about the the male leads not just the romantic aspect, but also for who would be the better emperor of the country and also who should be the student council president.

ouji ka prince ending a relationship

And when things got tough, she did not give up or run away, which I respected and admired. She faced her problems head-on and was able to strategize new solutions.

Ouji ka Prince

Yes, those may be the leading traits of a typical shoujo lead, but I found her character a little more complex, so I had a greater interest in reading the story. The princes are a bit of a different story. There were times when I liked them not just because of the fact that Haru resembled Tamaki and Taka reminded me of Kyoya although they did in a way and times when I found it hard trust them. But my final impression is a positive one.

ouji ka prince ending a relationship

So eventually, I came to trust them a little more, and towards the end they completely redeemed themselves. As time goes on, it's revealed he treats anyone who tries to get close to him cold.

ouji ka prince ending a relationship

Gradually, he develops a protective attitude towards Erika whenever she associated with other guys. He is also seen getting jealous a lot.

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Kyouya has been described to be a "tsundere". His personality gets better as time goes on. He often says rude words to Erika. Background Edit Both his parents are divorced prior to the start of the series.

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They got along well at first but due to his parents' hectic work schedule, they gradually grew apart. This event is often portrayed by a scene of Kyouya witnessing a snowman falling apart slowly.

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His parents divorce contributed to his cold attitude towards love since then. In one of the last episodes, after returning home from visiting his mother with Erika, he sees a flashback of the falling snowman again.

ouji ka prince ending a relationship

Erika shows him a picture of his sister smashing the snowman apart, then in realization he says to himself, "That's right, it didn't fall apart for no reason. This makes him smile. He lives with his father in an apartment who's a workaholic and often works outside of the country.

Due to this, he is often alone at home. His mother lives close in Kobe, but he doesn't visit her much.