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SpaceX and NASA deepen ties, NASA-sponsored reuse of Falcon 9 in discussion

With all that's happened (and not happened) in the last couple of months . Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) made headlines recently with two According to both Patti Bell and Jackie Reese, EAP counselors at. SpaceX and Boeing are scrambling to assure NASA their new wrote last year in an article urging a more realistic relationship with risk. SpaceX's rapid rise has coincided with the Obama administration and its revamping of the procurement process at NASA, which has awarded.

The affable, able manager of the International Space Station sat next to Elon Musk during a news conference after a Falcon 9 rocket had just delivered a cargo-supply ship to orbit and then made a stunning landing back on a robotic barge. For most of an hour he waited, patient and silent. Only at the very end of the briefing did a single, solitary question come Shireman's way. Hey, what about us? While no one anticipated it when NASA and Russia began building the space station 20 years ago, one of its most important functions has become enabling commercial activity in space.

With the station, NASA created a market for companies like SpaceX to deliver supplies and, as early as next year, astronauts into space.

SpaceX and NASA deepen ties, NASA-sponsored reuse of Falcon 9 in discussion

Further Reading Like a boss: Falcon soars into space and lands in the ocean Friday afternoon's launch offered a spectacular display of this commercial aspect. Nevertheless, Musk got all of the glory Friday night, and understandably so.

He built SpaceX from the ground up, surviving three launch failures that almost killed the company and endless scorn from much larger competitors who never believed this weird guy from South Africa could threaten their billion-dollar businesses. NASA, by comparison to the nimble SpaceX, is a lumbering government agency bloated by decades of parochial Congressional meddling. It doesn't need ten field centers, but it has them to keep senators and representatives placated.

It has therefore remained a steady partner to SpaceX, and, in fact, has been something of a guardian angel to the company. The fourth, in Septemberfinally succeeded. The proposed Mars flyby mission is "in that ballpark," said Clark, who is working with the Inspiration Mars Foundation.

The crew would understand that. Ultimately, that is going to be the decision based on that informed consent. I think just seriously contemplating this mission recalibrates what we believe is a risk worth taking for America. Let's show it to them. Let's do this mission. The company is working on a manned version of the capsule, a variant of which might be suitable for the Mars trip.

Without NASA there would be no SpaceX and its brilliant boat landing | Ars Technica

NASA TV The proposed trip would take advantage of a relatively rare alignment between Earth and Mars, allowing a spacecraft to follow a fast "free-return" trajectory. Assuming a launch on January 5,the spacecraft could reach Mars in days and simply loop around the planet, using gravity to fling it back toward Earth. The return trip would take days and end with re-entry on May 21,at a record velocity of 31, mph.

The crew would rely on a closed-loop life-support system, recycling water, urine, and sweat using technology similar to that aboard the International Space Station. While a specific mission architecture has not been established, the two-person crew likely will live and work in an inflatable habitat module attached to the capsule used for launch and entry. The idea is to utilize current technology with a minimum of automation, relying strongly on the crew's ability to operate the spacecraft and make repairs as needed.

Tito said a variety of launch vehicles should be available, including a proposed heavy-lift booster planned by Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX.

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The company also is working on a manned version of its Dragon cargo capsule, a variant of which might be suitable for the Mars trip. Once on the way to Mars, the crew would not be able to abort and make a quick return to Earth if something went wrong. They would be committed to the full-duration day mission. MacCallum said mission planners are considering a 1,cubic-foot spacecraft, half of which would be filled with food, water, life-support equipment, and spare parts.

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