To sum up let all be harmonious relationship

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to sum up let all be harmonious relationship

But let's face it. Social needs are the most basic of all needs, according to Dr. Matthew D. Lieberman in his book, If you desire the peace of mind that comes from being in harmony with your fellow human beings, here are 13 Summing Up. Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a To sum up, let all be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and . injunctions touch only internal relations between members of the Church. Or use my Release and Let Go Tarot spread here. Love is at the heart of all harmonious relationships, no matter the nature of the relationship.

The same word only occurs again in Hebrews 4: For the meaning see 1Peter 1: So it is translated in Ephesians 4: It differs from "sympathetic "in being limited to yearnings over the afflicted.

to sum up let all be harmonious relationship

Strangely enough, in profane Greek, the word is only found to mean "strong-hearted. Peter, that one is almost loth to correct the reading, and substitute undoubtedly the right word humble-minded.

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This adjective brings us back to that mutual subjection and complaisance which is the main subject of all these rules. Pulpit Commentary Verse 8. Peter is bringing to a close the exhortations to submission, which depend on the imperative in 1 Peter 2: With gentleness, you choose to respond, instead of jumping into reactions and assumptions, and this opens up a dynamic communication flow that is free from fear.

With compassion comes grace, and you give your partner the grace to go work through their own internal process. Your compassionate understanding stems from love, the desire for harmony and the understanding that most people haven't been shown a very good example of this type of love.

Even if a topic is heated or opinions are conflicting, it can still be addressed from a place of compassion and gentleness.

5 Steps to Move From Conflict to Harmony in Relationships

This is how you practice choosing love over fear, and choosing harmony over drama. Release Expectations Expectations are the underlying unspoken standards that you expect your partner to follow. When your expectations aren't met you might find yourself upset over something that was never clearly addressed.

But if you can release expectations of others you'll no longer set yourself up for disappointment. Work on letting go of the ideals that society and your created self told you a relationship should have.

Release the attachment to people or situations being a certain way.

to sum up let all be harmonious relationship

Let go and you will find peace in the space where your expectations used to be. Create Space "Love one another, but make not a bond of love: I will then be able to choose the right response by remaining assertive, loving, and powerful. The Art of Letting Go is Essential Only one of us needs to dissolve our contribution to the conflict for healing to begin. Letting go means that I am not in resistance but open to solutions and I do not hold on to something any longer than necessary.

to sum up let all be harmonious relationship

Once we have resolved the conflict, in order to move forward, we need to let go of it in our consciousness.

Keeping Faith for Harmonious Relationships Have faith that it will not repeat.

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Any insecurity and fear about their future behavior can create an emotional barrier. If our efforts do not resolve the conflict, let us keep the faith and continue to radiate love and healing to them.

to sum up let all be harmonious relationship

Keeping faith in the other person and myself—no matter what—can only help the situation. Paying more attention to what we think and feel about them, and not what they think about us, helps us to move forward faster.

Create Shifts for Harmonious Relationships When we shift from expectation to acceptance we can forge stronger relationships. Moving beyond the labels of our roles and responsibilities can help us become embodiments of the primary virtues of love, peace, power, wisdom, and joy. When we experience these emotions from within, we do not expect them from our relationships.

5 Easy Steps to Harmonious Relationships

Instead we connect with people and nature with the intention to give, give, and give happiness…thus receiving it in return. Our inner awakening can positively influence our relationships.

These few hours of valuable time may inspire us to be the unifying force for change through deepening our awareness of how to create more harmony in relationships.