Virtues last reward quark ending a relationship

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virtues last reward quark ending a relationship

Last Reward * Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma I'll start with Luna. At some point, Diana joins him there, but she ends up getting a fatal. Quark, full name possibly Quark Tenmyouji (天明寺 クォーク Tenmyouji Kwōku), is a to play the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. He has a warm relationship with Tenmyouji, his adoptive grandfather. . Soon after leaving there, Akane Kurashiki is found dead in one of the AB Rooms. This is a subreddit for Kōtarō Uchikoshi's Zero Escape series of visual novels: . Is it weird that I didn't like Luna's ending as much as you guys did? Building up Quark and Tenmyouji's relationship mostly just builds up.

virtues last reward quark ending a relationship

She speaks softly, and always advocates for the most peaceful, optimistic solution. Empathetic to a fault, Luna never votes betray and always chooses to ally, unless her partner picks it for her.

She does her best to ensure no one dies in the Nonary Game and maintain everyone's survival, even if it means putting her life on the line in the AB Games. Contents Appearance Diana, the basis of Luna. Luna's physical appearance is based on Diana 's. She has slightly droopy blue eyes and thin eyebrows. Luna's coral orange hair is tied in a bun with a braid resembling a milk braid with two long strands on each side of her face in the front, accompanied with short, side-swept bangs.

She wears a light purple, long-sleeved blouse under a white vest and a long, dark purple skirt with a white geometric design near the bottom.

Virtue's Last Reward / Heartwarming - TV Tropes

The skirt is tied around her waist with a ribbon. She also has purple stockings and white slippers. Like the other players, she wears a bracelet on her left wrist. Luna's necklace of a sad and lonely trapped bluebird, unable to find freedom.

Her necklace is a caged bluebird, which also functions as a music box that plays " Blue Bird Lamentation ", a reference to the caged bluebird's loneliness and sorrow. The bluebird symbolizes happiness, while the cage symbolizes captivity. In Maeterlinck's original story, it doesn't end with Tytyl and Mytyl waking up. When Tytyl and Mytyl try to feed the bird, it leaves the cage and flies away. It reminds Luna of the following lessons: Luna is a pacifist who enjoys peace and hates violence and fighting.

She is capable of being gentle, caring, modest, and humble. She has a pure heart. She frequently acts as a mediator during debates. She can also be encouraging, such as when she tries to motivate Clover to survive in order to find out who Alice's killer is. Luna rarely gets angered - one of the few moments and possibly only moment in the game when Luna is angry is when Dio suggests the possibility of Quark being dead.

Then Luna says, "How could you!? Why would you say such a horrible thing!? She thinks the best of everyone and gives people the benefit of the doubt. As such, she always votes ally and will feel heartbroken and devastated when anyone chooses betray against her, on the verge of tears. She can also get upset easily and has thin skin, and possesses rather sensitive and delicate emotions. Luna is a little introverted as evidenced by her shyness and timidness. She doesn't really have any friends or acquaintances, so she's lonely, and her loneliness hurts her, feeling she could just collapse from the inside out some days.

virtues last reward quark ending a relationship

Luna occasionally has a nervous stutter when she speaks and often has a hint of sorrow and sadness in her voice, as if she has a heavy burden on her shoulders. Despite her nice tendencies, Luna can be very vengeful if Sigma chooses betray against her. The latter of the two game overs on her path involves her getting Quark to safety while leaving everyone else trapped in the warehouse forever in the former game over, Tenmyouji's the one who gets Quark out instead, with Luna's whereabouts unknown.

Also, despite her tendency to vote ally, she is also considerate if her partner wishes to betray. Luna is not human, but rather an artificial intelligence which seems to possess emotions. Despite being a robot, she is afraid and scared of "death. She will not disobey a single order given by Akane Kurashiki or Zero Sr. Luna seems to have a complex towards herself for not being human - in her own words, she's nothing but "just a machine - a jumble of metal and plastic that pretends to be real.

This crush is also something Sigma never programmed - Luna developed it on her own. When they are both about to die in the bomb explosion, Luna smiles at him, likely to comfort him in his impending final moments.

Luna claimed to have a medical license while pretending to be human, but nonetheless she is capable of operating medical machinery the ADAM is one notable example.

Additionally, she is able to apply medicines like Soporil as well using an injection gun. She is installed with a digital medical database in her mainframe. Luna's medical occupation is because her human counterpart, Diana, was a nurse. As seen in the B. GardenLuna loves nature and greenery because it makes her feel happy.

She also tends to meet with Sigma there often because she says it is "perfect for a serious conversation". Garden is a contrast to the rest of the facility which has a metallic industrial feel. She is also upset when Sigma digs up skunk cabbages, showing she has empathy for plants and presumably all matter of living beings such as animals. Diana survived the apocalypse, only to die in from a circulatory illness that she developed from being on the Moon.

Sigma created her sometime between to assist him and Akane with their work, and for the AB Project to succeed. It took Sigma 25 years to build her.

Sigma loved Luna less like a partner and more like a daughter. Sometime in the s or s, Kyle Klim wanted a mother so Sigma asked Luna to play the role of his mother. In actuality, Luna wasn't created because Kyle asked for her, but this is probably what young Kyle interpreted. A few months later, Sigma called Kyle into the lab and introduced him to a young woman. While it resembled a human, Kyle wanted a real mother, a real human, something a robot could never be, since robots are programmed to show certain emotions.

When Kyle complained, his father chastised him and shooed him away from the lab and called him a whiner. Kyle was shocked, then angry. Still, Kyle spent some time with Luna. Despite that Luna was a robot, she acted, talked, and looked like a real human. However, Kyle refused to answer her or be with her and locked himself into his room since she was still a robot.

Kyle would gain nothing from this robot that his educational software couldn't provide anyways. Due to his lack of relation to Luna, she looked sad, but Kyle coldly reminded himself that she was just a robot. He figured a robot couldn't truly be sad and she was merely programmed to appear sad, and a robot's fake facade of artificial sadness meant nothing to him.

Ultimately, Kyle stopped expecting things from his father and began to realize he never really had a real relationship with his father. Luna receiving orders from Akane Kurashiki. If Akane did not die, she was to participate normally, Luna also must not divulge any information about the game or Dio and play as if she was human.

Finally, she was supposed to make sure that nothing interfered with the game's progress. Luna however was shocked that Akane would just let someone die so easily. Akane tells her that she has to follow her orders and do what she tells her and that Luna is programmed to follow her orders. Luna's body is deactivated once she enters the AB Room.

However, since Luna's brain is in the main computer of Rhizome 9she still witnesses Dio kill Akane via security cameras in the applicable timelines in which Akane dies only. Soon after, she is reactivated and discovers she is a blue solo. She quickly escapes and is the second person out of the AB Rooms. Soon, all of the other players except for K and Clover end up in Warehouse A. After K claims he cannot remember anything, Luna suspects that he has generalized amnesia.

Moments later, Clover wakes up and learns what has happened and Zero III introduces the rules of the game to the other players. The Chromatic Doors open and Luna asks Sigma to pick a door. In doing so, this also revealed Dio's knife and would later expose it to Aliceas well as prevent suspicion of Luna. Luna asks Sigma why he knows about the garden, since he never went there while looking for the garden, due to him going here in the timeline where he failed to save Alice.

Luna asks if Sigma is a robot, due to his knowledge of the garden and the white liquid from Sigma's cut. She tells him about Artificial Biological Tissue and how it can make robots look like humans. She also tells him about the three laws of robotics.

They hear Phi trying to spy on them and notice Bomb 1 on the tree. They then go to the infirmary and tell everyone about the bomb. Phi decides to search everyone for the bombs, but Sigma tells everyone Dio planted the bomb and Dio confirms it, setting the bombs on a detonator.

After initially searching with Phi in the Crew Quartershe goes to the Infirmarywhere he finds Luna. She offers to use the ADAM to scan Sigma, but he initially rejects it, wanting to look for Bomb 2 and the input device since knowing the truth of his body won't mean a thing if he's dead. However he allows her to scan him after she tells him that it won't take long. Sigma learns that he is human but has cyber-kinetic arms. Luna explains that they are supposed to work like real arms, so the tubocurarine inside the bracelets would still be a problem.

Just before the bombs explode, Sigma is scared of Luna because she is so eerily calm when they are about to die. He says she resembles a "machine with a human face", foreshadowing she is a robot. She tells him that she received very specific instructions and tells him a string of numbers and letters her product ID which will open the first gate.

After this Luna tells Sigma that she hopes to see him again, and the bombs then explode, destroying the facility and everyone inside it. Sigma chooses to go with Luna through the magenta door with Phi and the trio ends up in the Lounge. After escaping, Sigma, Luna, and Phi meet up with the others and find the second set of Chromatic Doors. Once back to Warehouse A, the body of Akane Kurashiki is discovered and Luna scans the body in a virtual autopsy. She states that Akane was stabbed with a knife.

The key card has her face on it, and next to it, has the name "Kurashiki" on it. Almost immediately after that, he witnesses Alice thrusting a scalpel into her chest because of Radical-6, and the credits roll. It is unknown what happens after that. Sigma and Clover ally with Quarkresulting in them all coming up to 8 BP.

No one in the remaining group is able to attain 9 BP, so the decision is made to search for the Axelavir to cure Quark. Banner of the SOIS. Clover then discusses the time when she met Alice in the Nevada Desert, following the events of the Second Nonary Game. Alice's car had broken down on the way to the building they had been trapped in, prompting the group to give her a lift. After she revealed herself to be an SOIS agent, the group discusses what happened during the Nonary Game, prompting Alice to believe that the culprits Santa and June may have had some connection to the Myrmidons' terrorist organization.

Clover then goes on to talk about how she and her brother, Lightwere assigned bodyguards by their mother, upon returning from a Nonary Game for the second time. After being socially stymied by being shadowed, the two decided to run away and moved into an apartment. After some time had passed, Alice came looking for them once more, claiming to need their help. The morphogenetic field theory. Alice brought the both of them to SOIS because of their ability to access the morphogenetic fieldand there, the siblings encountered the people who were trapped with them during the First Nonary Game sans Santa and June.

Alice then explained to the group that the Myrmidons were planning a viral pandemic, one that could wipe out all of humanity. According to Alice, people who can access the morphogenetic field are called "espers", and the SOIS have known about it for some time, planning to use them to help uncover and prevent the Myrmidons' plan of attack. While Clover initially refused to help, due to having a normal life again, and Light agreeing to follow her decision, their minds were ultimately changed when Alice came to them again with Sevenwho asked for their cooperation.

Clover kidnapped by Free the Soul. After several months of training, they were ready for field work.

A bit disappointed about the ending... (HUGE spoilers)

Clover's mission was to infiltrate a research facility while Light stayed at the base so she could relay information to him. Unfortunately, the facility turned out to be a fake and Clover was captured. Alice arrived to save her some time later, prompting Clover to do everything she could to be more like Alice from that day forward. From the infiltration, even though it was failure, they had learned the whereabouts of the terrorist organization's real headquarters.

The directors decided they would strike on December 25th,and at that time, Clover promised herself she wouldn't screw up this time. But, on December 22nd, they were kidnapped by Zero and forced into the Nonary Game. Injection gun containing Neostigmine. Clover says that she has been sending messages to Light ever since she woke up, but to no avail. She speculates that if there was another esper with stronger powers than her among the group, they would be able to absorb her powers to strengthen their own.

Sigma asks her when the virus was to be released, but Clover gives a vague answer, stating that she, Alice, and Sigma given his date of being kidnappedmay have been frozen in cold sleep when the pandemic was released. She says that the objective of the terrorist organization was to purify the unclean, the word "clean" reminding her of a drug called "neostigmine".

She tells Sigma that neostigmine can be used to counteract the tubocurarine muscle relaxant in the player's bracelet, which means someone with less than 9 BP can leave with someone with 9 BP or more. Clover runs out to tell the others, and Sigma chases after her. He sees Phi on the first floor of the PEC staring blankly straight ahead.

After talking to her and finding her mostly unresponsive, Sigma asks her where Clover is and Phi points in the direction that the girl went. Sigma looks around for a while, and though he finds Quark still asleep, he is unable to encounter anyone else. Sigma discovers a mass suicide.

Virtue's Last Reward endings

Sigma then enters the infirmary to find Alice, Clover, Tenmyouji, Luna, Dio, and Phi dead in a pool of blood K's missingthe group having succumbed to Radical Sigma sees a nearby scalpel, which was obviously the weapon, only to succumb to the symptoms himself. Lifting the scalpel to his throat, Sigma slices it and kills himself. The scalpel everyone used to kill themselves. This ending is probably the most gruesome in the game, as Sigma witnesses almost every character dead.

This is very similar to the Submarine Ending in The only exception is Quark, who would remain in the pod, and eventually die from the penalty.

K's missing appearance among the dead might have been used to trick the player into thinking K killed everyone else. Most likely, he had looked for another way to kill himself, through his armor. Alice in the AB Room.

In this ending, Sigma and Luna betray Alice who should have still been unconscious and she betrays you also. It is later found that everyone had betrayed each other. Alice turns up in the AB Room and says that she got up after she was given the Axelavir and anesthetic, as she was less susceptible to them and voted betray, thinking that Sigma would try and get a few easy points.

Everyone then leaves to go to different places, and Sigma goes to examine the data he had found on a memory card next to the bomb. The purple memory card Clover found in the Laboratory.

He inserts it into the side of the screen in the Infirmary TV monitor and a message appears: He asks Alice to tell him more about the Myrmidons, but she leaps up and runs off.

He follows her to the B. She then asks if he hates her, because she tried to kill him, and that she was scared of dying. She then says if he doesn't tell Clover she had cried, then she would tell him everything about herself.

Alice regrets almost killing Sigma. She explains to Sigma about her past as a child. She explains her father was kidnapped by the Myrmidons and that she was raised by only her mother. She tells that she excelled in math, got a full ride scholarship to college, and got a job at SOIS Special Office of Internal Security in order to track down her lost father. She got a tip that members of Free the Soul were located at an abandoned facility in the desert and drove to the building. Along the way, her car broke down, and as she was figuring out what to do, she met Clover, who was leaving that exact facility with what looked like 4 others.

Clover told Alice that they were trying to track down the ones who trapped them there, and Alice decided to tag along. Though their efforts were not rewarded, the two became great friends.

Alice got another tip of what may have been the Myrmidon stronghold from her bosses. However, it ended up in failure as it was a set up. Clover was captured and all the conspirators that were dressed up as researchers disappeared. When Alice went to rescue Clover, next to Clover was the body of her father.

Upon further examination, it was found that they had beaten him to death. Alice pledged to herself that she would avenge her father. The code on the memory card. After she finishes the explanation, she began discussing the code found previously.

When Alice says that the key to breaking the code is normally a long line of numbers, Sigma remembers the key From Dio-END to crack it. After revealing this to Alice, Sigma remembers that Dio is the leader of the Myrmidons, and must have planted the bombs. After being interrupted by Clover, who mentions a fight between Phi, Tenmyouji, and Dio, the two head back inside.

NOTHING BUT SILENCE - Let's Play - Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - 32

Sigma interrupts the fight by saying that he knows who planted the bombs, insisting that they will admit their guilt shortly. Sigma proceeds to use his knowledge about Dio's mission, the Myrmidons, and Free the Soul to trick Dio into thinking that Sigma was sent by Brother.

Sigma is successful in goading Dio into admitting that Brother trusts him and that Dio is the leader of the Myrmidons. Alice charges towards Dio, who pulls out the detonator. Alice coordinates with Clover to get the detonator away from Dio. This sets the bombs on a 30 minute timer, which happens to be the amount of time until the white chromatic doors open. Alice attempts to break Dio's arm to get him to reveal the location of the input device for the bomb deactivation codes.

Instead, Dio tricks Clover into giving him the poison pill hidden in his coat. Dio admits that he lost the input device in his couch at home before giving Sigma the code for bomb 3.

Dio succumbs to the poison, and the remaining players search in vain for bombs 1 and 2, the input device, or the deactivation codes. The white chromatic doors open and the bombs explode, killing everyone in Rhizome 9. Sigma's hand with a mysterious white liquid. She and Sigma go to the garden and talk about her background. Luna also catches Sigma in a paradox: Luna also suggests that the white blood coming from Sigma's palm could indicate that he is a robot and has been in the facility for a long period of time, which would explain his knowledge about the garden.

Sigma is surprised that he isn't shocked by this information. Sigma accuses Dio of planting the bombs. The bombs are discovered in the facility, and Sigma announces that he knows Dio planted the bombs with a Phoenix Wright signature pointalthough he isn't sure how. The others tackle Dio, but accidentally separate the detonator from him, activating the bombs' 30 minute fail safe. Dio reveals the password for bomb 2 and attempts to consume his poison pill.

Sigma holds Dio down until Luna sedates him. Sigma's test results reveal he is human but has cyberkinetic arms.

Sigma is surprised by this, but allows her to scan him since she waited for him for that reason. The 5 minute scan reveals that Sigma is not a robot, but he does have cybernetic arms, although neither can say how he got them.

Sigma and Luna talk briefly, until Luna points out there is only one minute left before the bombs explode. Luna tells Sigma that she was told to tell Sigma to remember something, and Sigma is baffled - how can he remember something when he's about to die? Luna gives the first code for the two-headed lion, and then, as the bombs finally explode, wishes that she'll "see Sigma again, somehow.

A hologram of Akane Kurashiki. Once you escape from Qa computer screen pops up, prompting Sigma to type in a username and password. A hologram of 67 year old Akane then pops up from the screen. Akane tells Sigma and Phi about why they were in the game, and told them that they needed to develop the ability to retain memories during a time jump. Acknowledging that Junpei is also in the room, she tells him that he has to wait just a little bit longer to see her.

The three leave the room and go back to the warehouse. K suggests that Phi goes and votes alone, as she has no benefit in betraying, as she already has 9 BP. They decide to wait for the others to catch up and Tenmyouji goes off to find Quark. Sigma and Phi stay behind and have a time jump. Dio knocked out by Phi's kick. The two wake up in the elevator, a couple hours prior to the game starting. The two realize that they can save Akane before she gets killed by Dio. They quickly escape the elevator again and spot the two near the wall, Dio closing in.

Phi runs across the elevators and lands a flying jump kick on Dio's head, knocking him out. Akane thanks the pair for rescuing her and tells them she doesn't have much time to talk, as the game must be reset to the conditions when they started playing. She quickly ties a key around Sigma's leg and tells him to look for a tombstone that says "Tu fui ego eris".

virtues last reward quark ending a relationship